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  1. Incredible group you have there trenchbuff. Mucho kudos
  2. Colt1911

    WWI Disc

    Niiice. I only hope to find A disc at a sale.
  3. Great armor disc Chris! Thanks for posting it & the repro info.
  4. I remember when it was announced, a great story indeed. A similar note, my co. hired Rocky Bleier to speak before our conventioon years ago. It was definately a treat & an experience i'll never forget.
  5. Is anyone here fortunate enough to have an authentic Chemical Warfare disc with the crossed arty shells? Having watched a WWI gas documentary last night & reading about the uncommon field version discs, i'm curious to see if any still exist.
  6. Peter picker picked a peck of pictures.....sorry ...i had to say it. Re: a "picker", sounds like the only reliable, longterm relationship would be with a close friend or relative. Otherwise i'd imagine they'd change their tune eventually much akin to the situation Beast just had.
  7. Way to go Wayne, good haul. It pays to "suck it up".
  8. Simply impressive and outstanding Gary! That drawer full of 1905's is awesome. Is that a frog on the one Krag?
  9. @ Chuck: I've noticed a difference between a few of the darker patina type 1's i have as far as the "sound" they make. Trouble is determining what they're made of. @ Chuk: Thanks for sharing your disk's. It's great to know the history behind them too. Here's a few new one's that just arrived:
  10. Special thanks go to you Chuck for giving me the heads up on the auction. It really is a splendid book & must've taken quite some time to put together.
  11. Thats an incredible WWI display. Belongs in a museum.
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