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  1. As soon as I figure out the upload I'll put some things on. regards, Bob Frey
  2. My wife and I were both involved in the CIVPOL mission to IRAQ and other UN missions working with the US State Department thru DYNCORPS corporation. They were issued a mix of US field uniforms plus a lot of civilian purchased gear from various sources. ALOT of money was spent on this project and we lost some along the way to enemy action. I will try to post a photo of the badge and dog tags but It's bin awhile since I have done this so it may take a few attempts. regards, Bob Frey
  3. A recent thrift store find along with some other militaria. A Quality made CHILDS HELMET with a black cloth liner and a leather chin strap. The chin strap looks similar to the type found on the standard WWI helmet, and is attached by a copper rivet. A hand painted Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, & Anchor is on the front. Overall condtion except for some small dents is VG++. There are NO makers markings on this piece Not my area of collecting but I thought it was neat. I will probably dispose of it in the near future. regards, Bob Frey
  4. Thank you for your response. regards, Bob Frey
  5. That particular style of label is for an MA-1 made just for the civilian market and does not have any date information. Sir, The following is from APLHA's website regarding their MILSPEC jackets. They do not mention anything about a label without the 3 LINES as being made for the civilian market? thanks, Bob Frey When Alpha Industries received a military contract and that contract was fulfilled, “surplus” materials were always left over. In order to use these materials and keep our factories operating, we continued to make jackets following the strict military specification
  6. I need the year of manufacture from this MA-1 ALPHA label. I can readily ID those with DSA, DLA, and some others but this type is a mystery as to which numbers on the label apply to the manf. year. Any help will be appreciated. regards, Bob Frey
  8. Just got a large group of Posters from the estate of a Boeing executive. These are teriffic for a AH 64 Apache collector or unit historians. Every one relates to the AH 64 and the unit that flew it !! I BELIEVE BOEING HAD THEM MADE TO GIVE TO THE VARIOUS UNITS THAT ARE DEPICTED. I am offering them to whoever may be interested, so if you are make an offer. There are 39 of them. I believe 3 are duplicates but good for trading. Size is 24 by 18 or slightly larger. VERY NICE display size as it's not to large Almost all show the unit identification and the distinctive unit
  9. Thank you. I appreciate your response. Bob Frey RFREY@SHENTEL.NET
  10. Found these at a flea market and am trying to determine when they were used. Also is there a good ref site on military binoculars? I can't seem to find one on the internet. Top left panel is marked : BUREAU OF ORNANCE U.S. NAVY Top right panel is marked : MARK VII No 2211 Front left panel: PRISM STEREO 6 POWER 30 mm APERT Front right panel :BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO. ROCHESTER NY U.S.A. They are in excellent condition with NO CHIPS,CRACKS, or HAZING. A small piece of the leather is missing on one side and there is some wear on the
  11. I'm happy to report the auction ended today April 29, and I am VERY pleased with the result. AND it was won by a forum member who I have corresponded with which is also pleasing. regards, Bob Frey
  12. I listed this on Ebay today and some clearer photos are at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=170324384951 Based on the comments and Emails I have received this is a lot more valuable then I imagined.
  13. I just saw this completed listing on Ebay that appears identical to the one I have and listed as South Vietnamese Marines. Color, and cut appear the same? It went for $200.00 with ten bids. I can only hope !!! http://cgi.ebay.com/SOUTH-VIETNAMESE-MARIN...3A1%7C294%3A200
  14. Got this recently at a yard sale. A family member had served with the US Army in VN. No further information on him. I would like to know the type of camo, the time period used and the value if any. It appears that the collar stamp may show a 1966 date but then again it may signify something else [ see photo ] It's in VG+ condition. I have no real interest in it in case anyone does? regards, Bob Frey
  15. I found it interesting that he has a 100% positive rating, and has sold almost 3,000 items. Are those buyers seeing something that we're missing, or are they all that ignorant. What was it P T Barnum said about fooling " All of the people, all of the time " hmm! regards, Bob Frey
  16. ALPHA Jackets bearing labels that have 3 horizontal lines on them [ as shown on your label ] ARE NOT military issue but are MILSPEC jackets. In other words they are up to military specifications but were made for civilian sale, NOT military issue. HOWEVER, many WERE bought my military personnel in addition to their military issue and worn. They are for all intents and purpose identical when viewed. regards, Bob Frey
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