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  1. The 1st Battalion 17th Infantry Regiment remained in Korea when the 7th Infantry Division was deactivated. The 1st Bn was reassigned to the 2nd Infantry Division. They remained in Korea until it was deactivated in 1986. In 1987, it was reactivated and assigned to the 6th Infantry Division (Light) in Alaska. Just a side note, this was the first time its colors had been in America since it left back in 1943.
  2. Sweet Any chance you could either post some photos of it or send them to me. Would like to add it to the 17th Infantry Regiment Association's archives. Ed
  3. This patch just came into my procession as being the historian for the 17th Infantry Regiment Association. This was part of a donation by a William S. Jones who fought with company G 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division from the Battle of Attu to the Battle of Leyte. It appears to be oilskin
  4. Currently I am the 17th Infantry Regiment (US) Association's Historian. I just started to receive all the boxes of donations the association has received from former members of the 17th Infantry Regiment. This was in a 3-ring binder donated by a William S. Jones; Company G 17th Infantry Regiment 7th Infantry Division. He fought from the Battle for Attu to Battle for Leyte.
  5. Finally finished the Diorama. Took some artistic license in constructing it. But i thought I did okay. Highlight of the construction: The Snow and grass came from Woodland Scenic. The stone wall was made from pebbles I picked up in my drive way. Can't recall which companies produced the figures. The tanker was built basically OOP. The infantryman started out as a MP. I had to remove the brassard that was molded on his arm. I used the original photo and edited using Photo Shop to remove the stonewall, the building, etc. Comments are welcome and encouraged.
  6. Robert, Not sure if this information will help, but try contacting the US Merchant Marine Organization link: http://www.usmm.org/ also you have the American Merchant Marine Veterans link: http://www.ammv.info/ The first link also has pages addressing about obtaining records etc. Hope this helps.
  7. Sorry to hear that ASL. I'm surprised that active duty personal do not receive their medals on a timely manner or forced to buy them so they can have them to wear. Thank you for your service.
  8. Thanks Paul. I'm not sure who was happier or prouder that day, Our Dad or us. To me and my brothers it was us and not Dad. We all honored and respected him for his service during WW2 and the Korean Way (3rd ID). I think that's why the 3 of us enlisted into the Army.
  9. Yes, they are to us. Dad had no idea what so ever that he was going to get these medals. Along with my 2 brothers, Dad had 18 of the 27 members of the family. It spanned 4 generations of Geer's.
  10. This crakerjack shirt is on display aboard the SS John W. Brown. It was worn by one of the US Navy Armed Guards assigned to the SS John. W. Brown during WW2
  11. I took this during my recent tour of the SS John W. Brown, a Liberty Ship harbored in Baltimore. It is one of the few seaworthy Liberty Ships. This was the uniform the US Navy Armed Guards wore aboard Liberty Ships sailing in the North Atlantic.
  12. This was created and drawn by Walt Disney for the US Merchant Marines during WW2.
  13. Dad standing next to the SS john W. Brown's bell and below the US Merchant Marine Victory pin.
  14. Dad, my 2 brothers Pete (behind dad) and Scott (right of dad) and me (left with hat).
  15. Me and my brothers surprised my father when we took him to see the liberty ship SS John W, Brown which is harbored at Baltimore. Previous to the visited I discovered that he never received the medals he earned while serving on other liberty ships. I made an inquiry with the Dept of Transportation's Office of Sealift Support on obtaining his medals. They forwarded the medals to us and we arranged with the volunteers on the SS John W. Brown to present them during our visit. He received the American War Zone, Pacific War Zone, Mediterranean-Middle East War Zone, Merchant Marine Victory Medals
  16. Marine371 I googled and found a modeling story that carries John Rosengrant to include his "Chosin Few diorama. The link is http://www.rjproducts.com/Catalogs/S_and_T_Products/S_and_T_Products.html
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