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  1. Besides her war record, the Texas had a cameo in "The Sand Pebbles" but was cut from the final that was released. Holman is shown in the very beginning leaving the battleship and fleet and starting his new career as a Yangtze sailor. http://www.thesandpebbles.com/uss_texas/uss_texas_sandpebbles.html
  2. I say Lee as well - but besides that, I have to say what a great picture the first one is. You don't really see Boxer Rebellion photos that aren't posed, this one is a real eye catcher, at least for me! Was there more where these came from?
  3. Sorry I can't help with official documentation, but I have read in several books that stateside Army MP's were very diligent in enforcing the no Sam Brown belt regulations - that is until Pershing came home proudly wearing his. Before that point USMC officers were allowed to wear the belt in the states and that would also go for civilian organizations and I suppose that could include civilian flight instructors. US flight students wore a white band on their peaked caps while they were cadets - wouldn't that be a distinction enough to differentiate them from commissioned officers and pilots wit
  4. I was going to drive up from Kentucky this afternoon, but I can't find any info about how much it costs or if you have to be a member to get in - can someone let me know I would hate to drive all the way there only to find out I have to be a member. You'd think this stuff would be on their website.
  5. Just ordered a copy and Looking forward to reading it this weekend!
  6. Yep, I walk by it every day. Many of the old buildings are still there, including the old mess hall, stables and many of the officer's quarters, the later of which are being re-conditioned for residential use again. I spent a lot of time at the their museum researching their old 6th Infantry baseball team of the 1890's.
  7. I think that right down the street from me - Fort Thomas, Kentucky
  8. Thanks for posting the close ups. I was wondering because of the single stripe on the cuffs. I think the British Army had the stripe but with an ornate cuff with the "pips" showing the rank. Never seen a British WWI army coat with just the stripe. I wonder if this was an RAMC thing or just for volunteer doctors?
  9. wow! Thanks for posting that, it's a rarely seen unit. Is there any way you could give us a close up of the cap and lapel badges?
  10. That's a real shame what happened to the OP. I'm a member at WAF and have translated Polish items on occasion without ever thinking to charge anything for it. I did the same for some USMF members as well. I figured someday I'd need something translated and a member would kindly help me as I did. I'll be wary now on WAF.
  11. My God that's crazy - I shined shoes when I was a kid in the 70's and I used my uncles hand-me-down shine box - reading this thread I see it was a WWI ammo box!
  12. Has anyone actually come across a photo of either diamond patches in use? I have seen quite a few of the circular one on 15th Infantry Reg. members from the 1920's but never the diamond ones. Always wondered what they were for and would like to see it in use so it can be dated.
  13. I am a big researcher of Haller's Army and it is great to see an engineer uniform instead of the more common infantry ones. mightythor101: green on French WWI uniforms are for the light infantry or rifles branch Their symbol was the hunting horn. Haller's Army infantry units were light infantry or rifles and used green as their color and the horn as their insignia.
  14. It isn't making much sense and its very grammatically and stylistically improper, but this is roughly what It says: "Here (I assume in this picture) he already was little drunk. Here is the sample and down on the bottom is already made... (it doesn't make any sense without seeing the picture). Can you let me know if you have something from our country and send me letters you got from Marian. I really, really ask you for that. Kisses for you and your little children." Thats about it. I hope it helps.
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