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  1. Thanks for reminder Paul. Great stuff as always! Jerry
  2. Ahhh your post bring some memory about my small impression from years years back (march 2010): Cheers, Jerry
  3. Pilot and second pilot (I guess) used a nylon suit. Of course standard chute harness type was a QAC type. Ahhh I forgot about life vest. B-4/AN6519 will be the best with standard survival gear like: two dye marker, one-cell survival light and whistle.
  4. Hi Alex. They are standard dressed up with: summer flying suit AN6550 or M426a. Mostly of these guys used a billed cap with headset - rather than flying helmet. I guess one photo above with flying helmet is only for photo session. You can choose variety of billed cap like: blue dark wool example, B-1 (navy contracted) or kind of rigger made cap. Standard .38 S&W in shoulder holster with ammo loops. Usmc pilots/crews used very often his 782 gear like: belt, canteen, compass case with compass for officer and MKII/Ka-bar knife. Survival kits E-17 were also popular in these crews. Here are some more examples from VMB-613 and VMB-611.
  5. Great patches guys, like a canvas made examples! Cheers, Jerry
  6. Wow Navy guys never stop amaze me with not typical items! They had a fantasy! Thanks for these photo Dustin. Cheers, Jerry
  7. Nice find! Rubber is still soft and without some cracks, ready for display? Cheers, Jerry
  8. Here is interesting photo of Capt. John Fidler, LSO on the USS Gilbert Islands with M422a jacket and Swashbucklers patch. Photo is from great site of Adam Lewis: http://www.adamsplanes.com/ Regards, Jerry
  9. I got it... photos are from Okinawa - Lt. Rod Johnson's http://www.adamsplanes.com/Johnson%20512%20photos.htm
  10. Last photo is with F4U in a background. It can be also a VMF-512 which Adam also well documented on his site. From another hand VMF-512 was not land based. I did not remember these pics on his site... they are new to me! Thanks. Jerry
  11. That was a cool addition Dustin. Photo of Marine aircrew member from VMB-443 is killer. Here is another photo of VMF-222 pilot - Captain Archibald Wayne Melton with probably a E-17 kit (or E3j? hard to say in 100%). Cheers, Jerry
  12. Another one member of VMF(N)-543 squadron: Stuart C Alley Jr. Nice squadron patch is visible on his M422a jacket. Cheers, Jerry
  13. Nice patch Rick, thanks for post! Jerry
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