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  1. Thanks for the new pics Franco, good job! Your two USN/USMC pilot looks not bad. Glad I can help you in it. cheers, Jerry
  2. Another Navy B-2 cap is showed in this thread
  3. Thansks a lot! Looks like seat pad was modified from back pad. Great piece! Regards, Jerry
  4. Hi Phil. I don't have a inside pics anymore. Paul bring the best information I guess... I would wait for a classic B-2 cap with proper AAF label inside. Cheers, Jerry
  5. USN caps have only a anchor stamp...
  6. Thanks. This are one of the most rarest goggle for Navy aviation I guess... Regards, Jerry
  7. Hi Tom. Looks like a nice helmet. It was white deck? I like a modification to make it smaller. I also found something new: 1067 goggle kit
  8. Hi Stephen. Can you post closer pics of seat cushion attached to the harness? DMAR for sure this QAS is more hot than AAF I guess a deal would be for 450-500 USD. 750 would be enough. 1000 a little but over priced in my opinion. Cheers, Jerry
  9. For compare another example of early PAL-36 NOS with bright blade:
  10. Ahhh there was more items in the grouping. I hope you will show us more of it. Thanks, Jerry
  11. Yes, Phil why you want to clean this vest? They were dirty all the time... I would leave it at all... cheers, Jerry
  12. Wow nice time capsule !!!!!! Congrats, Jerry
  13. Thanks for additional photos. Looks like nice grouping I noticed kind of flight suit M426a and blast helmet which is interesting! Cheers, Jerry
  14. Thanks for it, I hope a lot of collector are appreciate your books. It is one of the best and complete publication during the past years in my opinion. Jerry
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