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  1. P.S. sorry in my previous post, pilots of course are from VF-11 not 17! Cheers, Jerry
  2. Combat gear picture of Vanderwall twins. Looks like Andrew (left) have different custom grip also:
  3. VF-17 pilots. One of them have a bone grip also. Great shots Dustin as always
  4. Bone grip... very popular modification used by Usmc/Usn aviators.
  5. Ahhhh it is always good to know what you are buying. These uniforms looks like put together from a 1000 miles away, even for me who stopped collected VN stuff almost 15 years ago... I hope you did't paid for it too much... Cheers, Jerry
  6. Looks like a nice A-2 jacket Franco. Congrats!
  7. Great! I always want to have one in my collection! Cheers, Jerry
  8. Great addition Franco. Y cords was a good choice! Thanks for pics. Regards, Jerry
  9. Heavy stuff as always Dustin. I noticed some new nice items, congrats! At vintage colorful survival posters makes a great addition to your room. Cheers, Jerry p.s how you stored all of your life vests?
  10. Not my subject these days but have been always fan of TS in the past past years... From FB group(https://www.facebook.com/groups/751447955289818/) - USAF PJ in 1969, manning the CH-53 rear ramp M134 mini-gun:
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