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  1. Trying to identify a few patches I picked up recently from an F-4 pilots estate. Any info on these would be appreciated
  2. Meyer pinback. Any help appreciated
  3. I bought this from the estate of a collector. I can't seem to find one like it online. All the pictures I have seen online show puckered penguins across the bottom and the squadron name at the top. Anyone know if this is a different variation or has someone cut it down?
  4. Electronic warfare / countermeasures association. Started with mostly Air Force but I don't think it is service specific. They have a website.
  5. I just found the same plaque last week at a sub officers estate sale. Pretty sure it is post WW2 like the previous post say. Not much info out there that I have seen.
  6. The first one is the Martin B-57 Canberra bomber.
  7. This came with a bunch of US stuff I bought at a local flea market. The pin is a little bigger than a regular DUI. Any help appreciated.
  8. I bought this out of a local estate. I thought it might be Navy but I can't find it anywhere. Measures about 4 inches across.
  9. Local estate find. Patch measures about 6 inches across.
  10. This came with a mixed lot of older Army patches I found at a flea market. Measures 3 inches with cheesecloth type backing. Any help appraciated.
  11. I don't Know much about this era for patches. Any opinions on these?
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