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  1. As to your pack, looking at the contents listed, I believe it to be an inflight crew pack. The earliest i have seen is 1955. Yours is late 70s early 80s.
  2. This one is a repro by the way.......... 1960 1961 1966 1970 If an accessory pack has no cigarettes, then its post 1972. Post 1972 1982 1983 Short 1985
  3. I have bought off willy, on Ebay and his site. His stuff is a bit pricey at times, but you can get a bargain. I have always got what he has shown both on Ebay and the site. His english is good to.
  4. jumpwings is right, the non processed "wet" food will be the biggest hassle. All your dry foods that you would take out of a commercial packet are fine to rewrap. The age old problem is tinned goods, you cant open a purchased can and put the contents into a flat sided tin and reseal it, you risk giving yourself food poisoning. Having a straight modern packet come out of a K ration box defeats the whole purpose. So rewrapping them is the answer as stated. Making a period packet or wrapper is easy, all you need is you computer, printer and the paper. A glue stick, scissors and your con
  5. One of many repro sellers that claim they are "wartime" made items.
  6. I have never seen or heard of one, was there an issued paybook for US troops ? I know the aussies carried over a version of the WW2 paybook, but did the US have one ? Ive seen the MACV paycard, like a modern credit card, used for imprinting the payslips also. What happened then, was it all recorded in a personal file, or carried on the soldier ? Thanks for looking.
  7. Great to see another collection of Nam gear, well done
  8. Because it will end up at $300+, just like easy_green's ones.
  9. Always good to see stephen & teams efforts. Maybe some captured weapons on the walls would be cool.
  10. Always nice to see the team stephen, good stuff.
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