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  1. Ditto, Jim ( and Mike W). The majority of photos that ones tries to interpret on this helmet forum are generally a waste of time and simply cannot establish fact with any degree any certainty. Having it hand obviously is an essential step in that process, often precluded by distance and money. It simply is not available for examination. Like Mike, I would have liked to have seen it in hand before rendering a decision, if possible, because it is an important part of my collecting/procuring process. Over the years, there have been many helmets reviewed on this very forum, discounted as fakes, that in reality are great original examples. So, the opinions on this forum, and they are just opinions, if only based on suboptimal photographs and no other pertinent information, should be considered carefully and cautiously by collectors. And to you fathers, enjoy the weekend,😃 pat
  2. Do you believe this is a reproduction?
  3. The helmet with a painted White DIAMOND on the back is not a 5th ID marking, IMHO. A number of helmet shells popped up 6-7 years ago with this very same rear painted diamond and attributed to "Co E, 31st INF" due to a stamp on the inside shell. If I recall, they purportedly ??? were a late war/occupational issue to the 31st Infantry REGIMENT upon/after MacArthur's return in the Philippines.
  4. There are a number of sites now that have information regarding the Nisei and other relevant matters of the day. If I can help you, just pm. Unfortunately, I have found no one source which is complete. The records, particularly the MIS/CIC were not available for decades and then, still difficult to find and access. More over, whether the soldier was 442nd or MIS, there was no certainty that his/her military information was fully documented. I have one Japanese American not in any of the sites. So, when I am finished accruing his wartime data, I will donate that information to at least 2 sites. regards, pat
  5. Wow, nice grouping from a lesser known and underappreciated niche of military service in WW2. MIS servicemen numbered around 6,000 and were present at every major battle against the Japanese. In contrast with the 100th Infantry/442th Regiment which were heavily publicized and photographed, the MIS was under strict wraps/secrecy with scarce photographs and relatively unknown during and after the war. Great pick up? pat
  6. I don't think that will help, Nick. His finger prints and skin oil has probably ruined the patina?
  7. Hi Nick, The 3rd does not look like an "Easy Green". But, given the long history of the helmet, who sold it, differing stories, maybe varnished at one point and being partially cleaned up and less than optimal photos, interpretation of your helmet is very problematic and collectors will shy away from this 3rd and the 1st as well. When Klima started the thread in 2009 he saw something he liked. Unfortunately he did not get the opportunity to personally study it at the time regarding its originality and least render a comment. Since then, the original patina has pretty much been lost and it looks now, well, not great. IMHO, these helmets should not be cleaned or messed with primarily, to avoid altering the patina, which is so crucial to perceived originality. Second, painted helmets are a wonderful collecting niche, but the bar has to be raised on what you are willing to collect and the effort (research, showing it to others, etc.) to do so. The fact of the matter here, is that you have these in hand. Having been in this situation a time or 2, I would hold on to the helmets and if possible, share them with some other collectors, such as at shows, so they can actually see them in hand. On some, I have taken the time to actually mail helmets to certain people I trust from 20 years of M1 scrounging to get different observations and opinions. Of course, coming back to raising the bar, there are people willing to help you, you just need to reach out before laying down the dollar. regards, pat
  8. Regarding the 32nd ID in particular, a unit forever in combat and at the far end of the world, it is very difficult to find good photos of the division let alone any photos of any insignia on a combat helmet. Especially, given the red color being nearly invisible in B&W photos which was the order of the day. But, marked WWII and 1945-46 postwar. helmets are out there. The evidence at this time indicates 99% of markings are in red during WW2. In the very short occupation, red and white have been confirmed. It would be nice to know the name in the helmet listed to research and just have that extra bit of information to know where that helmet has been or not been.
  9. I agree, Tom. Just a M1 liner with tape front to rear, held at an angle with underlying shadowing.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-M1-helmet-and-liner-has-a-painted-symbol-shovel-umbrella/114127941765?hash=item1a928e3085:g:gPwAAOSwujheUyHf
  11. bttt-here is an incomplete thread. Any information on this one Mike!
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