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  1. I will share this picture with my brother-in-law. He was a member of her decommissioning crew.
  2. I would have enjoyed being able to see something like that... As my bad luck would have it, the visitor center was closed the day we were there, so I had to walk around quickly by myself and take a few quick photos.
  3. Battleground Location: 5803 South N.C. 62 Burlington, NC 27215 Latitude: 36.009738 | Longitude: -79.521027 On a recent trip to North Carolina in June, I had the opportunity to visit the Alamance Battleground. James Hunter, the "General" of the Regulators, is my 6th Great-grandfather. Although there isn't much to see at the battleground, I was happy to say I was able to visit, mostly to see the monument and have my picture taken with it. There was some confusion about James' identity when the monuments were originally dedicated including some of the dates of his personal life... those
  4. I posted these photos a very long time ago, but they fit in this topic nicely. 6th Army's 11th Replacement Depot in Okazaki, Japan.
  5. My paternal grandmother's older sister (my great-aunt) and her husband. First Service Command on left shoulder. Same couple on the left with her other sister and husband as maid of honor and best man on the right. The pic is a little blurry but I'm pretty sure that's a 45th ID SSI on his right shoulder.
  6. Historical marker location: I-80 exit 85 Link 25A, Chappell, NE I drive by this marker every few weeks for my job and finally stopped to look at it. Nice marker with stainless steel model.
  7. I found another thread about the 114th Engineers (Link: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/145889-114th-engineers-1918-19/ ) and noticed that forum member aef1917 posted that he had a photo of the HQ Co. 114th Engineers as well as a copy of their unit history. Through PM and email he provided me with a scan of the photo. I hadn't given any thought to contact my great-uncle in Louisiana before, but sent him a copy of the photo via email with my contact info. He immediately called me back as soon as he received my email! He was ecstatic to see the picture. He said it wa
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