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  1. I picked up a pair (the second one is underneath) of souvenir 42nd Infantry Division souvenir Iraq flags. the flags measure 25 1/2" x 19" they were bought at a moving sale where everything was a $1. Can anyone tell me what these might actually be worth?
  2. I have one of those but only the V half, I can't remember when its dated.
  3. I have one ribbon from my hometown, in 1905 they dedicated a monument to the 23rd Massachusetts Infantry, I walk by the monument regularly.
  4. The Second Corps of Cadets wore all red uniforms like that. The picture I attached is a late 19th century poster printed by King's Bohemian Beer in Boston entitled "Second Corps of Cadets 1785 - 1894.
  5. I don't know the date of the photo, but this is Herman Edward Miller, Second Corps of Cadets, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia.
  6. WWI era Engineer Lieutenant and his wife
  7. WWII T/4 from the 26th Yankee Division and his bride
  8. Recently picked up this medal from the 1935 national convention. It was made by Schwaab's and Sons Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  9. Unknown member of the Yankee Division and his bride
  10. Here is RDAM R A Theobald's Dominican Campaign along with his other US awarded medals. His Dominican medal is number 50. I also have his rack of mini medals, of which he chose to wear the Dominican Campaign medal backwards.
  11. My Father got this Zippo Slim Lighter back in the early 1960's brought it and sent home to his mother and it sat in her dresser drawer until she died 10 years ago. The box has oddly enough seen better days but the lighter itself has never been used.
  12. My father's knife from his time in the Navy in the early 1960's
  13. I don't think you've needed to be Polish to be a member for quite some time. Also the P.L.A.V. has associate members, who don't even have to be vets themselves and Sons & Grandsons, of which I am a member, (Stefan Starzynski Post 55, Salem, Massachusetts) since my Father and Grandfather were full members.
  14. Post WWI wedding portrait of an Engineer Lieutenant and his wife.
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