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  1. Rich Brown called me tonight and gave me another update. He will post details here or other sites. Thanks for the call, Rich.
  2. Thanks, I puzzled over Wrightstown, too. It just doesn't seem like we traveled too far from the terminal that night, so it might have been to Wrightstown. The Air Force personnel picked out the motel for us and ordered a cab. The motel must have been one they used a lot.
  3. Here is a link to a scan of my Seaboard World Airlines boarding pass outbound to RVN on October 2, 1972. Actually, the flight was delayed from 2130 2 October to 1430 3 October. There was no base housing available, so we had to spend the night at a "budget" motel. It was near a bar so we walked down there in our tropical uniforms and the patrons bought us drinks. Thanks, New Jersey! Note the list of 21 charter airlines on the back. https://xa.yimg.com/df/longbienvietnamveterans/Army+-+Boarding_Pass_RVN_Outbound_1971_10_02.pdf?token=3JIR58ukGo0Xvhp6OThoWGVtPSwHFD1nV208OLmhm4CHSQHwkJa
  4. Is anybody familiar with operations at McGuire AFB in the fall of 1972? I was scheduled to depart for RVN on a Seaboard flight on 2 Oct. 72, but the flight was delayed. I had to stay overnight in a motel offbase and report back in the morning. I remember the motel as being in Woodbury, but after looking at a New Jersey map, that seems too far away from McGuire. Is it possible or am I just remembering wrong? Any information would be appreciated, even a suggestion about a more appropriate site to post this question. Thanks.
  5. I exchanged e-mails and telephone calls with Rich and his mother. I was able to verify that they are indeed living relatives of 2LT Edward B. Zielke, 507th PIR. I shipped the items and they received them on August 16, 2014. The story they tell of Zielke's death and MIA status is absolutely heart-wrenching. It involves a lot of anguish and suffering by the family and I will leave it to Rich to reveal the details as he sees fit. Thank God for the internet and the US Militaria Forum! After 42 years, the photos and documents I found are back where they belong. Drive on!
  6. I was a neighbor of the parents of 2LT Edward B. Zielke (KIA June 10, 1944) in the '60s and '70s. I have a large manila envelope of photos, documents, and letters regarding their son, whom they called "Billy." The letters indicate they did not know what happened to Billy as late as September 1945. I need to get these items to the Zielke family, but I have no clue how to do it. The obvious methods like telephone directories or free internet searches haven't helped. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks for restoring my photos in the first post. You can delete my 3 May 2013 12:06 post as well as this one if you want to clean up the topic.
  8. Nice job, Matt. I made helmets for LTC Moore and SGT MAJ Plumley. I'm amazed that this thread has gone on for years now.
  9. Yeah, I'm still confused, but I got my helmets and liners to look pretty good when the camo covers are installed. Hey, thanks for taking interest in this long term project.
  10. Thanks, BOLO and Constabulary, I guess my helmets and liners are no better or worse than the rest. I will continue to march. Hey, BOLO, your We Were Soldiers assemblage is Numbah F.....in' One! I want to make helmets for the battalion commander and the sergeant major. I saw a picture of Hal Moore with a silver LTC cluster pinned on his helmet cover, so I bought a WWII pinback cluster with a nice tarnished finish. I'm not sure what SGM Plumley wore on his helmet, if anything.
  11. Thanks, everybody. Since I am striving to create early Vietnam War reissued helmets ala "We Were Soldiers...," I'll be putting Mitchell pattern camouflage covers on the helmets. I haven't tried them yet, but maybe the covers will encourage the liners to settle down into the shells. That seems counterintuitive, but people keep telling me that. When I finish my liner repairs, I'll post some pictures of the assembled rigs.
  12. Thanks, Rob, I don't have any post WWII shells, so I guess I won't bother trying them out. I have a '51 CAPAC liner that makes a good fit in a WWII shell with a Mitchell camo cover. I have 4 WWII shells and 5 various liners from '51 on. I am working on the early Vietnam era look for 4 of them.
  13. My Firestone 21 July 67 liners don't fit well in my WW2 front seam shells. A M29 27 Oct 72 liner fits a lot better, but not perfectly. Would rear seam shells work better? What is going on with liner designs versus helmet volumes? 21 July 67 Firestone liner in WW2 shell: 21 July 67 Firestone liner in WW2 shell: 27 Oct 72 M29 liner in WW2 shell (the camera angle makes the pot look distorted, but it isn't): 27 Oct 72 M29 liner in WW2 shell:
  14. I had a hard time with those straps. I re-did them at least 3 times. I even bought the little "It's Your Head" booklet, but it doesn't have very good information about the nape strap. I'll take another look at them and see if I can understand your method. Thanks.
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