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  1. Sport related support group? The white item is a "jock strap" looking thing! For the guys who handed out the towels maybe? I am serious here and hope this helps!
  2. As wisely pointed out by someone how knows and I trust, this is not a bullion but grey thread as most were. Been alooong time cooped up on the homestead up here in WA state! I am seeing bullion everywhere!
  3. My bullion Greek Elections patch
  4. and another from a WAC in Macs HQ.
  5. Here is another to the examples shown. Not in the best of shape but still a keeper!
  6. Just about wet myself when i found this today!! Looking thru a large bin of common stuff at a antique show today just to kill time and see what was still available to the crowd. Must have been in there for years. Had to be at least 40= of the regular type of this one and I counted 7 different variations. Went back thru the bin twice to make sure no more were in there!!! Over an hour looking thru common stuff. I think it was worth it!!!
  7. I think there are some pics from the '39 - '40 war games that shows these being used also. The pics are on the forum somewhere. I had a yellow colored disc at one time. Sold it at the last ASMIC convention in Portland.
  8. I have good info about them, i would just like to have more before i state the info i have as fact.
  9. Here are two patches that i believe that were used by a few select units. I have a good idea which ones but would like to find out more info about their possible usage elsewhere, time frame in use and any other usefull info. Pictures in use, articles mentioning them, documentation of any kind.
  10. Here is my variations of the patch in question. The "3rd Eng." one is made of synthetic materials. Would like others opinion on the yellow/gold bordered one. I do not want to keep passing off "fake news" about patches!
  11. Here is another modern patch, Sustainment Center of Excellence, Ft. Lee. The red border,all blue star is the right or approved version. The other ones i have been offered to buy as seperate units within the Cmd or as a new variation of the first patch. I do not believe this patch is in to many books yet but I hope the right patch and id gets published! In 40 years we will have another 442nd Anti-Tank patch problem all over again! Well, some of the new collectors will!
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