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  1. Another example of this patch which I picked up cheap and with bad ID given to it. DO YOUR RESEARCH!
  2. Looks like mine. I know it is the real deal. Yes to yours no matter what that "vintage reproductions" guy says!
  3. The right one is older than the left one and might be German made. The left one is after the change to the new AG green uniform around 1957. They changed the background color to look better/newer, on the new color uniforms. There is more info than this about the change, but this gets the idea across I hope. Both patches are good and for the 4th Inf. Div.
  4. Very late transitional uniform maybe? Good looking theater made patch! I have a patched up (both shoulders) blue Air Force Ike jackets that are for prior Army service. Might be the soldier could not get the new 'Blues" but could get the new rank patches. All just my 2 cents worth!
  5. Never trying to out shine another collector! More like I am trying to show what is still out there if folks look. There are a few places I go to that other old time collectors say they would not be caught near, dead or alive! Their loss and the hobbies too! Hate to have some kid ( or older fool!) get a nice uniform and ruin it for or because of the history of it or what they think it represents. I will show off my patches now and then thou! This is no race we are doing here. We are all just caretakers of it while we are around to enjoy it. KEEEP HUNTING!!
  6. Not really a Goodwill but a thrift store that sells a lot of 'costumes' for Halloween they get during the year for the season. Was told that this was 'made' to look like a US military uniform for a school play most likely! Well, the pants do have a tag that says 'Regulation Army Officers Trousers' so maybe it is the real deal?!?! HA! What they don't know is our gain. Nice, in-country made CBI and USAAFHQ patches and a nice set of wings! This year is starting to be a goldmine at the thrift/Goodwill stores in my area! But now the word is out! At least I managed to find these!
  7. As found at Goodwill and posted on another site already. Starting out good this year!
  8. Not WWII by what I know. Back makes it look newer too.
  9. What ever it is, here is my example. Came with a few other Army Aviation type patches. Is the ID 100% on this?
  10. Looks kind of new to me. Does it have a strong smell of moth balls to it? Collector used to (may still) sell some newer made examples made to look old and they had a strong moth ball smell to them! He did not sell them for much or as older or vintage ones. Filled holes cheap.
  11. Good article in the 'Trading Post' by ASMIC about this series of patches. Pics of some being worn also.
  12. Upside down. 3 jets in the back, 4 bolts off the spark plug in center, olive branch (?) too. I would not call it a CAP patch. No help beyond that.
  13. Well, someone beat me to it! Same info here. And a second to the info ocsfollowme has added.
  14. A pic of the back would help. And it is the 5th Service Cmd. And yes, it is a harder, rarer one to find. A new patch can be sewn onto say a blanket or the back of a kids jacket and still not be a 'worn' patch. At least not on an active duty uniform. I have not seen this style of patch on a shirt or jacket. Might have been done but it would have stood out in a group of regular patches.
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