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  1. That's super helpful.....the hanging caduceus drew my eye to it when I looked through this grouping. Thanks for the insights about this group. RP
  2. Those flight suits are EMERALD green.....they are stunning!!
  3. Looks great!! I saw it at SOS....it was stunning to see. I look forward to getting a copy!
  4. Agreed, it doesn't appear to be original......ripstop nylon-like material. The maker name "QUE-ANH" can be seen in ink, which is a typical Vietnamese beret maker from the period.
  5. drewchaneyaustralia, Vintage Productions had one for sale, but unfortunately it sold this morning. It's odd, bringing up an old topic like this makes it hot again.....(let's start talking about 9th ID aviation assets). RP
  6. This is a copy.....look for details where the lightning bolts pass through the trojan horse, that extra flashing of metal is not seen on originals. Originals are stunning! When you see one, you know it was made by a jeweler.
  7. I'm sorry for your loss....Rest in Peace Sir! That photo of him in Vietnam with the sniper rifle is an amazing photo and iconic to the time.
  8. I did pull that picture from the cruise book, but I was surprised that I couldn't find my pilot's name in the VA-75 roster for the 1961 USS Independence Cruise.
  9. The USS Bataan '52-'53 Cruise book list shows also this emblem for VS-871.....which matches the left sleeve of the G-1 in the other thread. .....so they must have used both patches.
  10. Yep...I looked through the Bataan and Independence but couldn't find his name on the rosters for the cruise books they have listed. Did see that VS-871 was the anti-sub patrol unit for Bataan during '52-'53, and used the Black Cat patch seen on the left shoulder.
  11. I'll probably get them sewn on but I want to find a Korean era VA-75 (Sunday Punchers) for the right chest....(or better yet, see if I can find a photo from the group first during the early 1960s).
  12. A project I'm working on: USMC Helicopter Units in Korea
  13. I agree....I don't want to alter the jacket....pinning works best in my opinion.
  14. I'll probably pin them from behind. I know that will make a small pin hole in the leather but I'd like to display the patches on the uniform without altering it (as little as possible). Any thoughts?
  15. Gruff but would always throw me off guard with comments that were designed to make me laugh (at least, I thought so) He always had great stuff.....sorry to hear about his passing.
  16. Thanks for looking Firefighter.....maybe one day it'll get IDed.
  17. So, I got the last name of the pilot. It appears from the jacket that he served on the Bataan during Korean war with VS-23 and/or VS-37, and then flew with VA-75 (Sunday Punchers) through 1961 or just beyond....I'm not sure when he stopped flying. Missing patch on the right chest is most likely for VA-75.
  18. Thanks! As of right now, No, but I'm still waiting on information.
  19. Final patch placement......might be better with the second squadron patch VS-37 on the chest but I think I forgot to shoot that one. Still, I think it looks really great!! So, VS-23 (Black Cats) on left shoulder VS-37 on lower right pocket or right chest and spent time for 100 hooks with VA-75
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