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  1. Nice....Thanks NTS!...wasn't thinking Infantry.
  2. You're looking at your uniform wrong.....start on the inside....show pictures of the patches where they're attached on the inside of the uniform.
  3. First: it's from Peterson. While he has great things, he also made a living mocking uniforms up for any paying customer and for museums so that originals wouldn't need to be used. So, he has mastered the mock up. Second: Stitch lines.....look at them, study them, know the old from the modern Third: Thread colors....understand what was used and not used and its wear/weathering Fourth: Wear and weathering in general, the garment insignia is *mint yet the fabric is worn I have said this for years (even decades now), real wear in Vietnam can't be faked....mint uniforms e
  4. Well.....it takes time to determine these things from visual inspection. There is something to be said about experience. A curt answer is just that....others may respond differently or with more information, if they care to. The vast majority of times if you get a curt answer, it's most likely because there is something obvious that sets it off. If you look through the archives, you may find it as a repeated defect that you can learn to identify. Where did the jacket originate? Where did you buy it?
  5. Great Group!! Do you know if there is a link between JPRA and JPRC from the post-Vietnam era?
  6. Laura, Thank you for sharing this picture. We certainly look forward to any other photos you wish to share. As you can see, we are all intrigued by your grandfather's service and military history. From the stories re-told here, it seems like his men and colleagues thought the world of him, as I'm sure you did too. It's great to have a family's perspective of the way artifacts from the individuals are being handled. If there are any questions we can help you with, please feel free to post them here or send in private through the messenger system on your account. Kin
  7. Does anyone know the time frame for when and where these types of plaques were made for the Marines?...We know a few date from the early sixties...but we are unsure where they were made too. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  8. Modern Repro patch....Originals are exceptionally hard to find.
  9. Modern patch copy of a French DI for an Infantry School.
  10. Bearmon, The type originally posted and Japanese made UDT patches will sell for $150 easily. I don't get many of the subdued patches. RP
  11. Subdued patches will sell for $50-$75 but I don't get them very often
  12. I've sold two of these over the years for around $150, maybe even higher. The Japanese versions go higher too.
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