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  1. Does anyone know the time frame for when and where these types of plaques were made for the Marines?...We know a few date from the early sixties...but we are unsure where they were made too. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  2. Modern Repro patch....Originals are exceptionally hard to find.
  3. Modern patch copy of a French DI for an Infantry School.
  4. Bearmon, The type originally posted and Japanese made UDT patches will sell for $150 easily. I don't get many of the subdued patches. RP
  5. I've sold two of these over the years for around $150, maybe even higher. The Japanese versions go higher too.
  6. That's super helpful.....the hanging caduceus drew my eye to it when I looked through this grouping. Thanks for the insights about this group. RP
  7. Those flight suits are EMERALD green.....they are stunning!!
  8. Looks great!! I saw it at SOS....it was stunning to see. I look forward to getting a copy!
  9. Agreed, it doesn't appear to be original......ripstop nylon-like material. The maker name "QUE-ANH" can be seen in ink, which is a typical Vietnamese beret maker from the period.
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