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  1. Are these US patches? Can anyone ID them?
  2. Almost certainly a French lozenge. There are many, many varieties of these.
  3. For me these pouches have turned up repeatedly in surplus stores over many years. I think the sewing jobs were done years ago by someone in the surplus business who was looking to re-purpose tons of cleaning rod cases.
  4. Robin does you medical bucket have a canvas lining that is a finer weave than the outer canvas body?
  5. The April 1945 edition of FM 21-15 (Individual Clothing and Equipment) shows that specific pack system, as well as the M1928 haversack, M1936 musette, and ETO pack.
  6. The tank badge may also be Canadian.
  7. Yes, I have seen the C-47 flying lately, but not the Lancaster. The Snowbirds passed over my office just the other day. I have been to the CWHM most recently a few years ago.
  8. Glad you enjoyed your visit! I saw the B-25 flying that day from my home about 30 minutes away from the airfield.
  9. I know, but what I meant to say is that placing helmets with leather suspension assemblies on foam heads exerts a load on the leather that might aggravate its condition if it is already dry rotted in some spots. In the helmet vault at a museum where I used to work, most/all of the helmets were stored upside down for that reason.
  10. It is a fear I have had with respect to vehicle gauges. These have also caused problems for folks carrying them over the Canada/US border due to radiation detectors.
  11. This is what already happened with German helmets that were repurposed by the Norwegians after the war.
  12. The googles turn up often in Dutch surplus gear.
  13. Placing the helmet on top of a head will not help to preserve the leather - it just adds stress to the delicate material. Like Bodes said, if the leather is already flaking to bits, the deterioration is probably beyond fixing.
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