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    US Military firearms and edged weapons (USMC especially)
  1. Lol.... That's what I get for using the ancient copy of some sword book that the customer included with the sword. Lord knows how old it was. Should have been like Reagan, "trust but verify".
  2. Found this piece last week during an appraisal. Inscription on the scabbard to Capt. H.W. Lauer of the 1st NM Volunteers formed in 1861. Doing the research on the good Captain now. Take a look and let me know our thoughts. And no, I didn't pt that it needed cleaned...that was in the auctioneers notes and I've asked it be removed. https://www.proxibid.com/aspr/US-1850-Light-Foot-Sword/39511071/LotDetail.asp?lid=39511071
  3. I'm a retired FFL and have been an appraiser for several auction houses in my area for the last 19 years. Researching everyone's stuff is my business...and business is pretty good. I'm going to ask a favor of all you serious collectors.....CATALOG YOUR STUFF WITH DESCRIPTIONS AND VALUES AND UPDATE THE DAMN STUFF OCCASIONALLY.......And don't leave the only copy on your password protected computer where your executor can't get at it. I am currently cataloging a collection that basically arrived at the office in trash cans and 5 gallon buckets with ZERO documentation, over 1300 items to s
  4. My condolences to the family.
  5. Last time I played with a grease gun was 1997 or early 1998.....Guard unit in Southern Indiana had 3 for a M-88 Retriever that had never been unpacked, cleaned or test fired and the new CO wanted them fired for familiarization at the next drill. My buddy, who was in the guard, called me and asked if I new my way around one and when I said yes he asked if I would be willing to give a class on it. I gladly agreed and spent an evening that week giving the CO, supply folks and training SNCO a class on the care and feeding of "Sub-machine gun M3A1". Afterwards the CO and I had a cup of coffee a
  6. EC is "Evansville Chrysler" ......made in Evansville, Indiana. There are several variations in headstamps through the war years.
  7. Chris, did you lap the bore at all??, recrown the muzzle?? Check for excessive stock contact with the barrel?? lap the bolt lugs??....You can make almost any '03 shoot with a bit of time and effort.
  8. Not rollmarked....that has been hand stamped by the armorer. Could be a pistol team spare, has it been fitted to a frame?? You can tell by the finish being missing in the barrel hood recess, slide ways...etc...
  9. Remington 870 alright. And for the record, the USMC still had Ithaca, Winchester and Remington shotguns in the issue inventory well into the 80's.
  10. http://sohnandassociates.com/upcoming-auctions/?az_feed_pos=www.auctionzip.com%2Fcgi-bin%2Fauctionview.cgi%3Flid%3D2690876%26feed%3D129%26group%3D0%26state%3D%26kwd%3D%26zip%3D%26category%3D0%26nojava%3D0 Just received an email from an auction house I do business with about an auction the have scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. It contains lots of USMC paraphernalia including mess gear, ammo cans, E-tools (WW2 and later), 90mm expended blank rounds, uniforms spanning several eras, bayonets and scabbards, 1860 Bleckmann Cavalry sword, a Remington 513-T target/trainer rifle that the owner sho
  11. I think the gunner is actually keeping the belt feeding freely and not folding back on itself and tying up the gun. Also, with cloth belts it looks as if the belt trailing from the gun could foul the rear tire/axle easily and cause lots of problems.
  12. Not much worse than being a 106mm recoiless rifleman on a M274 Mule. Was my first MOS, Gysgt. Watkins said " Your best course of action is to prone out and pray the other guy is a lousy shot". Being young, stupid and thinking we were indestructible...that's just what we did.
  13. Here is one for ya'll to chew on. https://www.proxibid.com/aspr/Colt-45acp/28238009/LotDetail.asp?lid=28238009 I am sure the owner thinks it is legit but the barrel is an unmarked replacement (old Sarco I think), thumb safety is a repop and the serial number is seriously hinky looking...ie, mismatched number stamp set, alignment, finish under the numbered area doesn't match the rest of the pistol. Frame looks to have been cold blued at one time...spotty and cloudy. I've had it in hand and stripped it for inspection. Just doesn't feel/look right. Opinions???
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