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  1. Getting ready to order a copy ... you can search by title, but their eBay store is actually asmicpubs1 ... Dale
  2. For what it is worth, just saw this in the backyard ... Dale
  3. Regarding Garandomatics post #28 above, is there a video posted somewhere of the aircraft coming in wheels up prior to the fire? Havent been able to find any reference to it. Dale
  4. Bumping this back up to the top for the start of the weekend. Also, feel free to cross post this to other forums. Dale
  5. A bit of a long shot, but thought I’d post this here in the hopes that someone might see it and put me in touch with the current owner of Capt. James Dye’s medals. Jim Dye was my Dad’s second cousin. He originally flew Spitfires as a member of the Eagle Squadron, and later, flew Mustangs with the 335 FS, 4th FG. He’s credited with three kills, one of which is the subject of this painting depicting his March, 1944 shootdown of the JG 1 Fw-190 flown by Oberleutnant Hermann Segatz. The painting is an original done in 1993 by aviation artist Stan Stokes. A set of Jim’s wartime me
  6. Looking forward to seeing photos of his jump uniform. Would it have been common for a member of the 101st AB Division to have come ashore at Normandy in a landing craft? Dale
  7. So is it a non-US piece or is there a true USAF or USN connection? Dale
  8. We’re these worn in specific aircraft, or are they flight deck related vests? They seem somewhat cumbersome for the tight confines of a supersonic aircraft cockpit ... does anyone have a photos of them in use? If aviation related, are they helicopter or fighter related? Dale
  9. If that helmet was being worn at the time in #38, it had to have been a fatal. Just look at the amount of metal bent outwards on the steel helmet portion. Dale
  10. For what it is worth, it might help to know at least when your Dad served and with which branch of the service ... at certain points, regs seem to differ with respect to awards. Dale
  11. US Navy patches ... Patrol Squadron Nineteen on the left of the photo, and Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron One on the right. Dale
  12. Getting closer: F4U-5P Corsairs of VC-61 Detachment A carried “PP” tail codes for at least 1950-51 ... wonder if there was a later Detachment F? Dale
  13. Prop aircraft with slightly bent (gull) wings ... F4U-1P Corsair photographic squadron, or similar, perhaps? Dale
  14. PP tail codes were sometimes used to designate early US Navy Jet photo reconnaissance squadrons. Might be a clue there somewhere. Dale
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