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  2. While insignia is indeed the 487th Fighter Squadron, "AKA" the "Bad Boy's from Bodney (RAF Station), England, This insignia was "HIJACKED" by the 303rd Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 442nd TFG, that was based at Richards-Gebaur AFB before relocating to Whiteman AFB, Missouri, flying A-10's. While the AF doesn't authorize the use of another's organization's insignia with the exception as a "DAF 's Consolidation Orders" for two or more organizations, or more units or the Air Force has approved the use of a existing insignia when a established "MAJCOM" (Temp or Provisional status ) unit and
  3. "Pave Tack" was the lasier designator pod used to percession target the bunker busting lasier bombs. When used by a flight of aircraft (2 or more) the designator aircraft lights up the target from a standoff range,while the bombing release aircraft can evaide hostile fire, however when flown by a solo aircraft, the aircraft must maintain the lasier lock which can result in the aircraft being shotdown.
  4. The history of the 336th Bombardment Squadron, Heavy, was that it was a B-36 unit with the 95th Bombardment Wing, Heavy converted to B-52D's on 1 Jan 1959, the 95th Wing had 3 squadrons assigned. The 334th remained with the 95th at Biggs AFB, Texas untill the 95th disbanded on 25 Jun 66, the 335th converted for training at Biggs and was transfered to the 4130th Strategic Wing at Bergstrom with B-52D's on 15 Jan 59 and the third squadron, the 336th remained at Biggs until 1 Jul 59 when the 4138th Strategic Wing assigned to Turner AFB, Georgia was capable of handling B-52 aircraft. The 4138t
  5. Also used by the 7108th TFW (Federalized NJ ANG unit deployed to Europe in 1961-62 Wikipedia remarks: The 108th FIW was transferred to Tactical Air Command (TAC) in 1958, being re-designated as a Tactical Fighter Wing. The 141st and 119th Tactical Fighter Squadrons transferred its interceptors and received and F-84F Thunderstreak fighter-bombers. On 1 October 1961, as a result of the Berlin crisis, the 108th TFW was again ordered to active federal duty. When activated, the 108th consisted of three squadrons, the 119th TFS at Atlantic City Airport, the 141st TFS McGuire Air Force Base
  6. As I have been sick and off line for several weeks, I am sadden to hear of the death of Lt Col Edward Saylor, Former Commander, 328th Field Maintenance Squadron, Air Defense Command. In late Oct 1966, as I reported to my new commander at Richards-Gebaur AFB, (Nr Kansas City, MO), I reported to Col Saylor, on his last day in the squadron. As I only served under Col Saylor several hours, He was a well respected within the squadron. The was a question of the status of other crewmembers on the Doolittle mission. Col Saylor at the time, was a SSgt, Flight Engineer and Gunner on the 15th B-25 to lea
  7. This patch was not approved, ie: There is NO RECORD from the B-47 days (Blue, Green or Gray) I requested the approved insignia and the only insignia approved dated to the B-58 era (Attached) Terry L Horstead
  8. Tactical Air Command maintained supplemental (Rotational or ROTE ) C-130 Squadrons in support of USAFE (2 squadrons) & PACAF (6 [Later 8] Squadrons) as well as Detachments. Alfra Squadron were based based mainly at Rhine Maine AB Germany but at times moved to Wiesbaden AB and Ramstein AB, Germany and the & Brovo Squadrons was based at Évreux-Fauville Air Base, France, relocated to RAF Mildenhall in 1966 and during periods of runway repair relocated to RAF Schultrope and RAF Lakenheath, A number of detachments were maintained in Spain, Greece, Italy, and Turkey. Since a Turkish
  9. Prior to the fall of the Shah IRAN imported F-14 Tomcats however the Foreign Military Sales Program was under the control of the USAF, not the Navy The CALIBRATION Lab (Precision Equipment Measurement Lab supported both all military operations) My former supervisor CMSGT Andy Anderson that spent a year managing the F-14's with a Navy Advisory Team doing the hands on training. Andy had been home a week when the the Shah fell out of power. The AF operated all IRAN by USAF organizational procedures as requested Iranian goverment. Terry L Horstead
  10. The were two units that used the "MASTERS OF THE GLOBE" designations with a slightly different Patch design. First was the 912th TROOP CARRIER GROUP (USAF, Reserves), a C-119 Unit, This unit was formed in 1962 as part of the 512th TROOP CARRIER WING, located at NAS Willow Grove, PA along with the 913th TCG (NAS Willow Grove) and the 914th TCG (Located at NAS Niagara Falls, NY). In 1965 the 512th Designation was Relocated to Carswell AFB, Texas, and the 912th, 913th, & 914th were reassigned to the 302d TROOP CARRIER WING, (USAF, Reserves), located at Clinton County AFB, Ohio, and later as

  12. AF-11 is the 3506th Field Maintenance Squadron that was assigned to Air Training Command, The 3506th was located at Greenville AFB, Mississippi Terry L Horstead
  13. "So it's an award that you could wear for a year, barring any complexities?" No, it was awarded one time and certificate placed in the training records (Air Force Form 623 file jacket" and would be worn as long as you were in the command I know for several times the local commanders allowed personnel former MAC & AFSC personnel to were the Master Crew Chief patches from their former command. Terry L Horstead
  14. Just trying to stop a miss conception as most people will link a Maintenance Squadron to a Wing or Group. In this case the 23d ABG is a MAJCOM (PACAF) Designated Group (What the Air Force considers as Provisional / Experditionary) rather then the AF Controlled 23rd (Tactical) Fighter Wing/Group. Terry L Horstead
  15. 95th Armament & Electronics Maintenance Squadron (SAC) along with 95th Organizational Maintenance Squadron ( were Constituted, On or Before 4 Jun 1952.The 95th Maintenance Squadron was divided to form 3 functional squadrons effective 16 Jun 1952.This action was to change the unit from a "Table of Distribution" unit were the Command sets the operations and equipment requirements to a Air Force Standardized "Table of Organization" unit (AFOMO Letter 822q 4 Jun 1952 HQ, Department of the Air Force to the Command General, Strategic Air Command) resulting in SAC General Order 33, 10 Jun 1952
  16. This unit at DaNang is NOT part of the 23d Tactical Fighter Wing, that was stationed at McConnell AFB at the Time. The 23d Air Base Group was assigned to Second Air Division. Terry L Horstead
  17. Master Crew Chiefs along with Master Recovery Team Chiefs, and Master Technicians were awarded by SAC Requlation 66-1 or SAC Manuel 66-1, based on on Job Performance, Training, Technical Knowledge, Quality Control Evaluations, Quality Control Inspection Followups (all awards), and Aircraft On Time Performance for the Master Crew Chief award, for the Period of the award,. the award was issued once and while normally for a year, and transfer orders in processed, or unit were being inactivated, the time could be wavered. The awarding authority as the Wing Deputy Commander for Maintenance based
  18. Sperry Engine Analyzers and Instruments were used by the Air Force on The R-4360 Engines used on B-KB-RB-29's; B-RB-36's, C-KC97's and C-124's aircraft. Terry L Horstead
  19. The 93d Organization Maintenance Squadron was Consituted as the 93d Periodic Maintenance Squadron, 4 Jun 1952 , Activated and Organized as the 93d Periodic Maintenance Squadron, on 16 Jun 1952, at CASTLE AFB, CA, as part of the Reorganization of the 93d Bombardment Wing (later redesignated as the 93d Bomb Wing), the unit was Redesignated as the 93d Organization Maintenance Squadron on 1 Jul 1960. of the The Squadron provided support for the B-50's, KB-29's, B-47's, KC-97's, B-52's and KC-135's and lastly the C-124's (with limited support - non crew chief) to the Maintenance Section of the At
  20. "Does anyone know when the "Chargin Cheetahs" tab was added to the patch?" Emblem Approved 07 May 69 Motto Approved 10 Apr 78 Terry L Horstead
  21. I found the have a couple of errors and tried to update the previous post Reference: http://www.reocities.com/kc97stratofreighter/93ars.html The green insignia with the hose and arm throwing the B-47 was the orginial submitted artwork It was approvved in the blue format, I have no record of any approval of the green insignia showing the "Torch of Knowledge" that was used when the 93rd along with the 924th AREFS was supporting the Training Mission. (which it had been using since probably the 1950s) There has been several insignias used by the 93rd AREFS this was the firs
  22. (which it had been using since probably the 1950s) There has been several insignias used by the 93rd AREFS this was the first insignia used by the Squadron in the KB-29's (ie: The Hose) while the aircraft displayed is a B-47 Terry L Horstead Unapproved - Original Artwork (Between 1948 & 1953) Approved 22 Jun 1955 File ID: 152926 A.C.
  23. Sorry it's not Navy it's the WWII version of the 326th Fighter Squadron (also known as the "Skywolves") The Squadron was based at Santa Rosa AAF in the San Franisco area, I think they were flying P-40 Warhawks at the time, The 326th was my first assigned Squadron in 1966 after basic training, It was a short assignment as we disbanded the squadron in Jan 1967. We were flying the Convair F-102 Dagger at Richards-Gebaur AFB near Kansas City. Attached are the first and the last versions of the Squadron Insignia The Background on the patches on the wall of the ready room were yellow. T
  24. Sorry, the 560th is a hard unit to trace the history, and easily confused. The 12th Wing had a 82d Bombardment Squadron that was Activated and Redesignated as the 560th Fighter Escort Squadron, on 27 Oct 1950, the unit was later Redesignated as the 560th Strategic Fighter Squadron on 20 Jan 1953. The unit was formed at Turner AFB, GA and Relocated on 5 Dec 1950 to Bergstrom AFB, Texas. The unit transfered to TAC and Redesignated as the 560th Fighter Day Squadron on 20 Jan 1953 and Deactivated on 8 Jan 1958. In 1962 a new 560th Squadron was formed, Redesignated from the 560th Bombardmen
  25. The insignia is the 859th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron (Redesignated as the 859th Radar Squadron, SAGE) that was located at Red Bluff AFS, California. Terry L Horstead
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