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  1. Great, thanks! I tried the other number you found but it’s been disconnected. My next idea was to contact the funeral home that handled junior’s arrangements to see if they could hook me up to a family member. I’ll keep you posted and thanks again.
  2. I guess I wasn’t clear, my buddy lives in Italy where these units were engaged in the Feb-April timeframe. A farmer was using it all these years as a “small pot”.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. The 751st was attached to the 10th Mountain Div. in Northern Italy (my father’s outfit). A friend in the area found a mess tin ID’d to a member of the 751st and would like to track down the family. Will try some other ideas.
  4. Does anyone know if there are any organizations focused on the WWII 751st Tank Battalion, veterans and/or descendants? TIA
  5. I have one just like yours that I bought on eBay for around $80 three years ago. Yours is in a bit better condition than mine, the sheath even more so. Nice piece!
  6. I bought this one years ago for the grips and internals. Its grown on me since so now Im looking for grips!
  7. Will - are you still in possession of this grouping? I have some relevant information. Thanks Steve Coffey President 10th Mountain Division Descendants
  8. Will - are you still in possession of this grouping? I have some relevant information. Thanks Steve Coffey President 10th Mountain Division Descendants
  9. Unfortunately I dont know anything other than he was Navy. He passed away when I was a kid.
  10. Thought I would post my Grandfathers WWI Victory Medal to honor the day.
  11. SDC

    PAL M1

    Both bayonets received (this PAL and an AFH M1) are very nice. Wish they still had them for sale.
  12. SDC

    PAL M1

    I received this M1 recently from Dupage and am wondering ... would this be an example of a stamp in the high position to accommodate a date (although no date has been stamped)? Thanks
  13. Heard back from my friend in Italy who found it. Said its the top part of a super-quick fuze for a 75mm howitzer round.
  14. Thanks, I will dig it out again and take a couple more pictures.
  15. I posted this on the Firearms and Ordnance forum but didnt get any responses. Any thoughts? Thankss
  16. I assume this is a Fuze of some sort but no idea to what. There are no markings nor threading. Ill apologize in advance if its not U.S. Thanks
  17. Thanks gents, as always Ive learned some interesting info here.
  18. Thats what I was thinking ... the tip is clearly that of an M1.
  19. I know this is not an RH 36 but what is it? I dont have access to the reference he cites. Thanks https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F362387540896
  20. Just curious, what is your Living History impression?
  21. As a minor league collector I gave up on eBay a couple years ago. Between the rising prices noted and my own inexperience its too risky!
  22. I keep my modest collection in a plastic bin along with a container of Damp Rid since it can get humid around here. Is it best to keep the bayonets in the scabbard or out during storage? Thanks
  23. I bought the M1 pictured several years ago from Scott Duff. The Cunningham book mentions a small production run of these in 1953 to rebuild supply following Korea. Is there any way to ID a 1953 contract bayonet from those produced during the WWII years? Thanks
  24. The two new ones seem a touch on the high side ....
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