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  1. Hello, What do you think about this helmet? There are popular names such as Doc Morton and Josheph T Ward. Let me know
  2. I went to the local antique store today and I found a stand full of swords and bayonets. I bought this 1918 Remington bayonet for 78usd, wich I guess was a good price. There were also 2 more I might go buy another day, one of them dated 1915 for 94usd. What are they really worth? Which date is rarest? So what do you think ?
  3. Thanks guys, I will do some more research and hopefully I manage to clean them.
  4. Hi, I recently got hold on some german medals (please ignore that) wich has been dug up. I have searched high and low to find a good way to clean them. But no luck so I thought I turn to your expertise. As I said please ignore the german medals just posted them so you would get a sence on the condition. Also if someone has a good answer I am sure many could use that information! There are some light rust and dirt on them. The bigger medals has silver finish on Brass core, is there a way to clean them without damage the finish? Thanks!
  5. Thanks man I appreciate it!
  6. Some random items.... Stick around more to come!
  7. I have been collecting for some months now and I have made some decent displays with the items I have recieved. It might not be so much at the moment but hopefully someday, anyway enjoy! First my vietnam display mostly riverine items at the moment. By the way if you want close up on something let me know!
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