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  1. Hello, The Washington Post may have better stats than ANC. The Post writes on the GWOT soldiers KIA and buried in Arlington. Toward the end of each write-up they give the number interred US soldiers KIA from Iraq or Afghanistan. Understand the question concerned WW I soldiers. Other sources may be relevant. Ellis
  2. My collection has two enlisted jackets with insignia eyelets. A "Phila Quartermaster Depot" tagged and dated May 21 1935. Eyelets are on the top most lapels - both sides. The second 4 pocket has 4 eyelets as pictured and worn by the reenactor in this string. Data tag reads: "Park Dale Clothes, Inc Cont, W-669-qm-10386 Dated Dec. 19,1940 Stock No. 55-C-69431 40 STUB Spec. No. 8-31D Dated 2/7/40 Phila Q.M. Depot" The uniqueness of the jacket is not the 4 eyelets. Where the buttons would be sewn are grommets (even at the shoulders). The loops on the back of the buttons
  3. Good Evening, When the US Air Force was designated a separate service, in general uniforms remained the same as the AAF until the transition to the blue uniform. When did the AF officers stop wearing the wing and prop insignia on their dress blouse? The aviation cadets of WW II wore a large wing and prop insignia on their peaked cap. This insignia continued in use until the 50s, well after the AF became a separate service. Thank you, Ellis
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