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  1. Sigsaye, David, ChiefHarlock, all VERY nice impressions! Harlock, dub those boots! :thumbsup:
  2. @Daniel: Nice photographs! @ Vik: Posting photographs of medics does not prove a thing about the 194th. You still really need to consider when the photographs were taken, and what the men in the photograph were doing. It's hard to judge sources. The M41 jacket photo does not prove that during varsity people were walking around "normandy style". The reactions you posted on the flopping chincups and pocket patches do not prove a thing either because I do not see chincups nor pocket patches in either photo. I know a number of men were parachute trained in the 194th but that does not mean a lo
  3. I think you may be out of luck, as most sellers work out of a small room in an office building.
  4. Except for a few minor details (The full HBT suit is the biggest eye sore) you guys are doing a really good job. Keep it up!
  5. Buy right the first time and you'll save money. Proper kit does not need to be expensive. There is a lot of 2nd hand and cheap chinese stuff that can be used, post war helmets, etc. Only expensive thing is the rifle. An impression is made by attempting to wear the right thing in the right way at the right time. You bet, veterans DO notice when something is "just not right". I've seen 15 year olds with excellent airborne impressions. All they need is a little guidance. Same with this group: They have all the right kit, just no idea what they are doing. Oh, and a GIR is not the same as a PIR.
  6. Yet there is nothing to suggest they are portraying a "camp lucky strike" setting. It's all thrown together. Before we can possibly make any constructive remarks, it would first be nessacery for them to answer the question: What do you portray?d @Oz: 1 nonregulation leather jacket on an undated MP photo does not justify the use of those things, especially when it's an A2 being worn in typical airbornism fashion. What are you trying to prove with the 2nd pic? Cheers P.S. By showing a dead POW you are confessing to war crimes?
  7. My observations at a first glance: First of all, what do you actually portray ? I see M41, M42, M43 and HBT uniforms AND class A uniforms all in the same set of photos. What’s the month, timeframe and location? For late 1944 and 1945 you’d mostly be in full M43’s. pocket patches leather jackets class A uniforms hanging from tent walls, giant red cross vests (KFC!) Garrison caps (those things were left in duffel bags) Parachutist helmets for gliders Parachute scarves (not entirely wrong, but not used much) Sunglasses (same, emphasizes the “movie” thing) Goggles everywhere L
  8. I honestly don't know where all the positive comments are coming from, probably lack of knowledge in general. I don't like it at all. This looks way too much like your typical showboat reenactorism movie airborne group, only difference being the 17th patch instead of the 101st patch. There's a LOT of room for improvement. Owning the kit does not make an impression, wearing the right stuff at the right time in the right way does. This does not look right at all. What are you even reenacting? It looks like a bad 1960's war movie.
  9. I agree- they look great. Being a heavy user of this stuff though, I have to say the ONLY proper footwear would be new-production corcoran jumpboots. Those are the only US ww2 boots around today that will actually give support to your feet. All repro low shoes are just plain bad in terms of comfort, even the WPG M1943 combat boots. The soles are flimsy and the upper leather is way too thin. Originals were a bit thicker and more sturdy, even though those weren't the best either. Either go with good repro service shoes, or jumpboots. You can sew buckles on service shoes, that happened a lot.
  10. No, from the local collector's market. I"m not from the US
  11. Here's my Garand.... Made in March 1943 by Springfield Armory!
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