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  1. Wouldn't say that. Seen many of common patches that were repro that no one would think wold be reproduced.
  2. like many have said, send him a offer to buy it all. Breaking it up like this is nothing new at all. And families not caring isn't either. I have a 9th aaf pilot group from my home town in which I had to dig his medals out of the trash can during the estate sale.
  3. Not really, and us trying to be ebay police isn't working either lol we just need to hope that enough people see our posts on the USMF as guests or members and will learn from it. Including who to and not to buy from
  4. Nic a2, saw it on ebay and was going to bid on it but decided not to as more blue backs came along, and possibly one on a a2. Definate brit made patch. IMO every uniform or flight jacket is historically significant as it all played roll.
  5. Are you meaning the stiching ON the patch or the stiching attaching the patch to the uniform? I don't see anything wrong from my point of view.
  6. Yes I did see those and they are nice. Whether someone has good pieces or not doesn't reflect how much someone may know or how long someone has collected. It wasn't supposed to come across as negative, it was just a honest question as on my end, looked like pure speculation. That's why I recommended getting a letter written from the nurse. And, have you seen the pieces I have posted....?? I'm not trying to get into a peeing contest with someone over who knows more, it was just a question that you answered. Thanks again and please show more of the group
  7. Did she say specifically that this WAS work on the 7th. If so, yiu may want to get it in writing for future generations.
  8. Nice, but whether it was worn or not is speculation. Would like to see the rest!
  9. Friend has a coin shop and these came in for scrap.
  10. Shop walk in, got them for a mere $20.00 apiece. Not to shabby to say the least! Someone polished the wings though, which in turn removed the patina!
  11. Nice grab! Did this happen to come from Wartime collectibles? Lol
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