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  1. Awesome Jeep, thanks for posting! I’ll have to post some pictures of my ‘44 GPW one of these days!
  2. Thanks! I didn't notice that it was painted either until I got it home and really took a good look at it since it is a bit worn off. Certainly a nice surprise! Thanks again Mike for all your help. Jim
  3. I haven't posted any photos on the Forum since the upgrade but tried to today and kept getting the error message -200 (see screen shot below) when my photos wouldn't load. Some photos would load but some wouldn't and it didn't seem to be necessarily related to the size (JPEG format). Does anyone have any suggestions? Appreciate any help, Jim
  4. Wow, thanks Mike! It doesn't have the snaps on the chinstraps and the liner is not airborne either so I wasn't even thinking airborne. WW2 or post war or can't one tell? Thanks again, Jim
  5. Just picked this helmet up and was curious if anyone knew the identification of the painted insignia. It appears to be a yellow sword diagonally across a light blue shield. Was painted on both sides but mostly gone on the left side. The helmet itself is a front seam, swivel bail with what appears to be a WW2 era Firestone liner painted OD yet with a 1972 dated sweatband. Appears to have been together for a long time but sat in a damp basement for years so unsure. There is "A-27" in ink (looks like from a marker) inside the shell and also "Scripture 7" pencilled under the brim. I really can't
  6. Welcome! Interesting area of collecting. Good luck!
  7. Welcome and I look forward to your post!
  8. Welcome and stay safe! Nice to see that you can share your passion with your son. Ciao!
  9. Laurent, Looks very similar to an original one I used to have but mine did not have that "keystone" shaped stamp. I recall mine had "PARIS" stamped on the black buckle and had the more common Red, White and Blue stripes sewn vertically. I believe many of the originals were hand made from flour sacks and other fabric that could be obtained so varied greatly. Unfortunately, I no information about the stamping but maybe deciphering some of the writing would help. Maybe post-liberation? Thanks for posting, Jim
  10. I picked this up recently and here's the story. Came from a guy who was an advisor in Vietnam (through a friend). However, this guy was also a life long collector of military items so uncertain if it actually was a bring-back from him or just something he had picked up over the past 60+ years of collecting. Anyway, it intrigued me and I would love to see what others had to say. Initially, I thought it was some modern repro and I'm not an expert in these things but in doing some research, it seems like this might actually be a WW2 stock that was modified. I've taken pictures of the "important"
  11. I have a few pair of these as well, in the same huge size. I posted them on the Forum a number of years ago (I'll try and see if the link still exists) and there were varying thoughts/opinions as to what exactly they were. These seemed to have surfaced about 8-10 years ago at Army/Navy surplus stores and all were un-worn with cutter tags and in the same huge size. Some thought conversion of WW2 trouser to M1951 style and some thought maybe airborne. I personally couldn't image an airborne trooper with a waist size of 46 but maybe I'm wrong! Maybe perfect for the "modern" reenactor.
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