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    77th Infantry Division in WW1 and WW2<br />105TH Infantry Regiment/27th DIV WW2<br />--PACIFIC THEATRE--<br />Always interested in PURCHASING <br />items relating to these Div/Reg!!!!!<br />And French NAPOLEONIC Sabres and relate items!!!!

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  1. I will take photos of the back once they arrive. Thank you guys .
  2. Greetings, I am trying to learn what era/type of wings these are? I do not have a photo of the reverse yet but I can post once uniform arrives. Thank you for any help .
  3. Greetings, Am curious as to what type/era these egas? If they are not ww2 era what would the proper ega be for a general ? Thank you.
  4. haha very good point Dave. It's just I always am careful with nomenclature.
  5. Thank you fellas. Why would it read Coat on the tag when it is a jacket? In the upper left corner it is typed "jacket" and AUS type. I just assume a coat is like an overcoat compared to an ike jacket style tunic.
  6. Greetings. Hope everyone is well. I habe the chance to acquire a marine brig general uniform . Inside the uniform is this tag. I am curious as to if the tag is legit. I would have thought such a high ranking guy would have a private purchase uniform. Thank you.
  7. Thank you very much for the responses guys. From what I've been told though no matter what the MOH is on it still illegal to purchase. I would dread to get in trouble for not understanding the law.
  8. Thank you very much. Yes it seems to be a poster with ribbon pictures on it and some collected original ribbons to complete. One ribbon that is missing has just has a white box with award name that is missing. I think when u get home tonight I may just take chart out to see how they are applied to board. About 7 ribbons that are missing are ROTC Awards so I wondered if it was an ROTC student project or done on his free time. The board is properly framed. I got this board , a ww2 poster advertising sale for ties for officer armed Air Force uniforms - on the board is a sample of tie design , a
  9. Thank you for the feedback guys. After looking through these ribbons I see now they had a ribbon for almost everything on this chart. There is even a variety of ribbons for NASA on this chart. I even found a civil war campaign ribbon that looks very flat and early. This is very intriguing.
  10. I assume this plate has the variant attachment on the reverse as I do not see any holes in this plate for attachment to a shako....
  11. What type of metal is this plate? Pewter,tin,or brass? Thank you
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