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  1. Hello to all Is it possible to know when was manufactured a Winchester made M1 Garand with the following serial number : 115943 Thanks
  2. Thanks for your answer That's really a resaon to be punished ... lol ...
  3. Hello to all I am unable to read what is the "offense" made on this punishement report ? Thanks for your help
  4. Hello What is this cut edge unknown to me ? Thanks
  5. Hello to all Is this pants model matches excatly the jacket ? Thanks
  6. Hello I am affiliated to this base : my grandfather worked there for 10 years handling crates then promoted to firemen Looking for servicemens posted there Thanks
  7. Hello to all Question about those low quarters Don't have it on hand at this time, this is what i have been provided with for pics Which branch and period do you think it is ? Thanks
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