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  1. for the most part I agree. but these three are a little different
  2. Just added more items. If you mention your a forum member I will give you an extra 10% off your order. Good through July 5th 2011
  3. Looks like there wearing model 1872 forage caps. The NGP buckle was oval durring the civil war.
  4. Phone number is on the site give me a call I might have in stock what you need
  5. Old business new web sight. :thumbsup: My kids have been bugging me for years to start one. Now they can run it!
  6. This is one main reason why I don't take paypal on ebay. Well worth getting an electronic merchant card. fees are half and little to no claims.
  7. Don't google just type in the upper box www.edinboroarmory.com or www.ladygrayantiques.com.
  8. the www.edinboroarmory.com will direct you to my antique store sight. Its all military now antiques will be added later.
  9. Edinboro is about an hour & a half north on I79. Been here only 5 years.
  10. Well I finally did it jumped to an online store www.edinboroarmory.com I have had an antique and military memorabilia store in Edinboro, Pa for a few years and am now expanding. Please be patient it is a new site and I am still getting use to it. I have about 45 items and will add quite a bit more in the future. Please visit and send me an email about what you think.
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