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  1. With the exception of the 508th lid all the other Helmets came local from the surrounding area near Fort Campbell. DB
  2. This is what it looks like in my collection now and a few other 50's era helmets I have. 508th RCT 320th Helmet for D Battery 188th PIR 501st liner from the 101st around 1956-57 named to a Officer
  3. Yep Bob Bashaw is his name and he is the one I got my rig made from. David
  4. One thing that disturbs me as well, as I reenact also when not doing it for real in the kitty litter box is the multitude of clueless reenactors who sew "wartime service sleeve insignia on their m41's, m43's, etc....”. Why does this upset me you might ask....? First off they did not do their research, second most if you ask them what it stands for they have no clue. To quote my great uncle from WW2 and a few other vets... "we didn't wear patches on our uniforms unless we were in them class A's going back to the states, in fact many of us didn't even have rank sewed on any uniform till we r
  5. Thanks fellas, I only have a few days left so I will add some new pics to this thread upon my return home. I love these display threads they are full of wonderful ideas and suggestions. David
  6. I can't wait only a few more days till I get home. Then I am going to show you guys some of my gems.... Nice stuff guys..... David
  7. Here is my favorite with me in it....lmao. Will post pics of my others when I get home. This is the only pic I got of me wearing them right now. This one has all theater made insignia on it the flag being the only exception.
  8. Andy here is that 187th theater made one I told you about. This is one of four in existence at this time. Here is the reason we made them. Much like the other PIR have pocket patches etc.... We in the 187th have kept the RCT patch as our symbol we use it at all functions, letterhead, also wear on our t-shirts, hats, etc....most soldiers are given U.S. made examples upon return from the war zone. Here is our monument at Ft Campbell.....that you see below...... This is the Rakkasan Pylon where the list of the fallen since ww2 up to OIF are listed.
  9. Please don't cut the patches off as enough pieces of history have been destroyed by the patch pirates. I agree with Kurt restore it. Even if you use new ribbons I think you will be pleased with it as you have a named jacket with history there. I buy new ribbons for my coats I wear in the Army all the time I see nothing wrong with putting the insignia back on as I have to do that all the time after I clean mine (I am in the army guys). The hardest thing to find now adays are coats with history due to patch pirates. Just my 2 cents... David
  10. You are correct Kyle. She was our regiments first KIA over here. Quite unfourtunate indeed. May God keep her and her comrades will never forget. David
  11. Kyle give me a shout when you get back I know of a place on post that does acid free framing as I have a lot of my stuff done up like that already. Heady
  12. Holy crap I am suprised you didn't confiscate it all....lmao. YOu could of cleaned house at the SOS....lol 4 days and a wake up!!! Heady
  13. I have seen pictures of guys paintballing wearing similar items ...... Though also could of been something made overseas for a dependent kid of a service man but the vietnam look makes me think paintballers.
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