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    I don't collect much any more but am still interested in history of units, patches and equipment. I'm at a point where I need to sale some of my small items.
    Have a large collection of British (Canadian) regimental cap badges.
    Have a few Italian WW2 hats and one uniform.
    Love Military history---espeically American Civil War in the West and teh Italian Campaign (May 1944-May 1945).
    My current "Fat Stuff" avatar is my bomber jacket that I made to honor a family member who was a tail gunner in the 15 Air Force, Italy.

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  1. I have been involved with a few research projects with "strangers" across the pond. They have all turned out to be a pleasant experience. I've even had guys here fill in some missing details of the lost Veteran. He isn't asking for money. The worst thing that can come out of this is that this research comes to a dead end.
  2. I may be 9 years too late..... I just bought an officer's uniform of the 473 Infantry Regiment. I saw that other groupings included a unit history for this regiment. I knew this would be hard to find so I googled it and I FOUND A COPY!!! The booklet is usually identified with title "Battle History: 473rd United States Regiment". Published in 1945. It includes an Honor Roll roster and a list of those receiving medals. Included in the Honor Roll is: PVT. HARWELL B. HUNTLEY, 816 N. Winnebago St., Rockford, 111 Link to the unit history for the 473rd Regiment. Be warned: it
  3. I recently purchased a uniform group for an officer. The Ike jacket had the 473rd Regiment cloth tab and in the pocket were a pair of DUI's with the folding "pressed metal" attachments. The group also contained an Officers dress coat with only the 5th Army patch but signs of having the DUI's attached plus a chocolate Officer's shirt---which I have never seen in person. I knew about the organization of the 473rd Regiment but little about their combat history. I found a Text file scan of the 1945 unit history on a website which includes names of KIA and those receiving awar
  4. Yeah. I get it. I was trying to make out a word but it wasn't computing. I am trying to use the NARA database search. I think it doesn't work sometimes. And if the first search fails, then the subsequent searches will also fail unless I do a Clear Form. I don't know it is---me or their site. I know the NPS Soldiers & Sailors site for Civil War period was changed so the search input was different and it is not as user-friendly as it was years ago.
  5. I can never seem to get the NARA Enlistment Records to find who I'm looking for. One search never got the right results and I found out the reason for that was the soldier's name was corrupted in the database. There were extra letters/characters in his name. Can someone help me find the Enlistment Record for this solder? I assume he is a WW2 Vet but maybe he isn't. I think this is his surname and the last four digits of his ASN. BAILEY 6743
  6. Photo of Hill 66 where a Water Tower is now located. The bridge in the foreground crosses over Capo D'Acqua Creek.
  7. Found him. Attached is a roster of the 339th Regiment. PFC Thomas A. Yonnetti was a member of Company L and was wounded on 13 May 1944. Perfect match for place and date of the attack on Hill 66.
  8. Thanks. I guess I can rule out those who enlisted after May 1944: Yelland, John L. March 1945 Young, Joe Dec 1945 Young, Norman March 1946 Young, Richard October 1944 That leaves only: Yonnetti, Thomas A. ASN 32632547 Ulster, NY, DOE 15 Nov 1942 Yurgalewicz, Walter J. ASN 31022547 Litchfield, CT DOE 12 March 1941 That narrows the list down.
  9. A local Italian found an American helmet with the "laundry ID" written on the inside of the liner. The marking appears to be Y2547 or possibly Y2541. The helmet was found near Minturno, which was the sector under control of the 85th Infantry Division. It was found in the Capo D'ACQUA Creek which runs between Minturno and Hill 66 and Hill 69. On 12 May 1944, the 3rd battalion of the 339th Regiment attacked across the creek and up Hill 66. They were relieved by part of the 337th Regiment. Of course, I never rule out the possibility that someone from an Engineer company or an
  10. Good info. He might have arrived in time for the 5th Army attack on the GOTHIC Line. But I have to find some evidence that he did go to Italy and one of the divisions there. Possibly served in the 34th, 85th, 88th, or 91st Infantry Divisions but could be any support unit. Thanks.
  11. Someone came to me asking help finding out what unit their grandfather served with in Italy in 1944-45. I was hoping to at least identify his division but he might have been with a support unit. The only clues are a photo of the Veteran in an Army uniform with no patches or insignia. He said he was in the cold trenches in Italy and he believes he arrived in 1944 and I suppose late in 1944 based upon his late enlistment date. James Laurence Kegel NARA Records KEGEL#JAMES#L########### Army Serial Number 33774774 Residence: LANCASTER County, PENNSYLVANIA Enlistment @ NEW CUMBERLA
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