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  1. Oh well, it came in a junk lot off ebay for $30 so no big loss. Is the unfinished edge also a bad sign?
  2. Thanks for the link Brobs! Here's the back, do you think this one is WWII or postwar? Thanks, Fred
  3. Can't find anything on this one, not sure it's even military (maybe it's for the 156th St Bowling Team!). Thanks, Fred
  4. Any thoughts? Perhaps not military? Thanks.
  5. Would appreciate any help in IDing this one, thanks! Fred
  6. Doyler, Outstanding piece of history, that tank destruction badge is killer!
  7. Jason, Great lot. The ODB 82nd patch on the shirt is super. Fred
  8. fldjr

    Patch Tabs

    Here's a "special force" tab I got a while ago in a lot of other patches. Can't find any references to it, looks like a theater made patch. Anybody know about this one? Thanks, Fred
  9. Steve/Johnny, Thanks very much for the id. Do you know what era? WWII or postwar? Fred
  10. Would appreciate any help in id'ing this one. Looks like a north or south pole marker, can't figure out what the object is that the seal is "detecting"? Thanks, Fred
  11. 46th Scout Dog Platoon, on a black dyed jungle jacket. Regards, Fred
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