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  1. Might want to go out and buy a lottery ticket(s). Awesome finds
  2. Wow!, Incredible work. I can't wait to see it finished.
  3. Recent pick up of 5 WW2-era Southwest Pacific souvenir pennants measures 14" x 16.5" Felt construction. Would appreciate any thoughts on the collectability of these. Thanks!
  4. Corners, and, (too me) looks a little faded
  5. It's fine with a few condition issues. US Gov't printed posters (WW2) were indeed machine folded for shipping. Privately-printed posters, for the most part, weren't machine folded.
  6. Great thread. Excellent research. Thanks for sharing their story.
  7. They also reproduce several different Jim Crow-railroad related signage as well
  8. Wow!, Impressive pick up. Congratulations
  9. Looks like you did pretty well. I saw the Patrick AFB reference, which piqued my interest as my son is stationed there.
  10. Cool poster......With the wording "National Defense" I would put this poster @ 1940/41
  11. What an informative thread. Thanks to all of the posters. RIP Charles Brown
  12. This post never gets old, as more folks get a chance to see it that may have missed it previously. Your research is beyond reproach. Thanks for keeping this brave Marine's memory alive,
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/STREET-GIRLS-BRINGING-IN-SAILORS-MUST-PAY-FOR-ROOM-IN-ADVANCE-Sign-/262021577900
  14. Part of a series of tongue in cheek signs made to look old. They also make the railroad Jim Crow signs as well.
  15. ​The one I'm looking at is just over $200 via Amazon. Sounds like the one you're referring to.
  16. Thanks, Jerry If you don't mind me asking, what model Epson did you purchase?
  17. Looking a purchase a fairly decent scanner for 35mm negatives and slides. Anyone know of one that might be good buy? Thanks in advance
  18. "WW2 Reenactors" at Atlanta's Stone Mountain Park, use their recognition signals just prior to hitting the beach during their DUKW ride.
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