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  1. Might want to go out and buy a lottery ticket(s). Awesome finds
  2. Wow!, Incredible work. I can't wait to see it finished.
  3. Recent pick up of 5 WW2-era Southwest Pacific souvenir pennants measures 14" x 16.5" Felt construction. Would appreciate any thoughts on the collectability of these. Thanks!
  4. Corners, and, (too me) looks a little faded
  5. It's fine with a few condition issues. US Gov't printed posters (WW2) were indeed machine folded for shipping. Privately-printed posters, for the most part, weren't machine folded.
  6. Great thread. Excellent research. Thanks for sharing their story.
  7. They also reproduce several different Jim Crow-railroad related signage as well
  8. Wow!, Impressive pick up. Congratulations
  9. Looks like you did pretty well. I saw the Patrick AFB reference, which piqued my interest as my son is stationed there.
  10. Cool poster......With the wording "National Defense" I would put this poster @ 1940/41
  11. What an informative thread. Thanks to all of the posters. RIP Charles Brown
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