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  1. Thanks for the reply's & excellent info gents. Really appreciate it
  2. Hey folks, Just wondering if anyone could give me a hand ID'ing this Navy flag. It is made of wool material & measures 6' X 3'. Has a few moth holes, but is in not to bad a shape. The spine is marked BATTALION / INFANTRY MI 44. I've done some research on the net & reference material, but haven't had much luck. I'm guessing this could possibly be a CB flag. Any knowledge out there on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks......
  3. Thanks for the help Woody & Robin, narrowed it down to a case for the M86F telescopic sight used on the M18 recoilless rifle. Appreciate your assistance...........
  4. Hello all, I've looked at some of my resource books & checked out the net, but so far not having any luck with narrowing down what this case is used for or the time period. It measures just under 14" & the round flat part at the top is 2". The snaps are marked United Carr. My guess is for some type of optics & just wanted to get your thoughts.......... Thanks for any help, Robert -
  5. Nice early SC lid, sad to see the leather chin strap wasn't in better shape, but still nice. Looking at the cotton ball I had the thought it might just be to simulate a rabbit's foot, just a guess though. Congrats on a nice early low pressure liner & pot..............
  6. Hello everyone, A fellow work mate owns this pair of Japanese binoculars & I told him I would try & help ID them. They're in pretty good shape with the leather strap being strong, pliable & not dried out. Only info I can find so far on the net is that they were probably a private purchase by the Japanese officer & most likely not military issue. The right side lens has a range graph both horizontal & vertical & is clear. unfortunately it doesn't have the case. Any additional help with opinions & value would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Bob -
  7. There is a name that has been written in electric pencil on the bottom of the cup. Jim John, I don't know if It's this Service Member's real name or maybe just a knick name. My guess is he was Army or Marine Corps. Can anyone here help in possibly identifying this individual ? Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the question gunbunny. The canteen is manufactured by ACA & is dated 1918 along with the cup. Looks like there was a date on the inside cover flap, but is now unreadable. The canteen body look's to have been through some kind of acid bath at one time for a camo effect also. Thanks for the opines so far.........
  9. Recently found this canteen that had some field camo work done to it. The paint appear's to be the same texture / color as used on sea bags & other gear for water proofing that I've seen. Just wanted to get your thoughts. Having the luxury of holding it in my hands this look's to be period done to me. Thanks in advance......
  10. Thanks for the assistance fellas, I really appreciate it. Makes alittle more sense that he was a late war 1st Div. Marine with those different unis markings. Regards, Bob -
  11. Hey Fellas, Picked up this USMC Footlocker at a yard sale some time back. It's named to an M. S. Bransdorf 7th MAR. 1st Marine Division on the inside of the lid. It has me somewhat confused since it has unis markings for the 4th Marine Div. on the outside. Can anyone help in indentifing this Marine. Possible he was transferred to a different division later on ?? Thanks for any help....... Bob -
  12. Sweet lookin bucket set there DD.... Nice addition to the collection. Though to find a matching set like that.
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