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  1. I'm thinking 504th from the 82nd. A jump-jacket with previous elbow reinforcements brought up to "spec" over summer of 1944, when most of the 504th's jumpsuits were reinforced.
  2. The Belgians used up the stocks of the 1/4" net post-war, so it's actually the right net for this Belgian helmet.
  3. It's in storage at present, Phil. Lightly used, not abused 60's liner, Infantry type. I've only ever had the cover off once before and there are Captain's bars scratched in the paint at the front, along with a name that I've forgotten in the meantime...
  4. Hi guys, just for interest, what would be the value of this Vietnam War set (WWII front seam swivel loop, scratched markings for a Captain in the 50's repaint), 60's liner, all correctly dated, etc (complete with what looks like Vietnam red mud on the liner), cover marked up with various names etc, all dating to 1972-1973, which must narrow down the usage at the end of the combat phase)? It came from a house clearance in the US at least 20 years ago now, not been messed about with or recently assembled. Not selling it, but would like to have it valued (even just approximately). Cheers,
  5. Cheers guys. The rear rim really stands out in the pic much more than I'd noticed in hand. Probably to do with the thick overpaint altering the shape haha. It'll be nice when it's completed - it's always good to be able to be rough with overpaint and pick the damn stuff off but leaving the original paintwork intact Suggestions on the style of straps to refit to it? What buckle style and color web shall I go for?
  6. Nah, the top paint is: (1) dark-green reenactor "medic" over (2) re-enactor green mixed with sand over (3) 'Nam-era green over (4) some OD repaint. What's underneath is a fairly solid original paint. Thinking about it, the original paint is that not-really-corked type, that's true.
  7. Maybe my shell shape spidey-sense is not up to scratch tonight. What do you think, Grant?
  8. So I'm sitting busy unpicking 4 layers of repaints off a swivel loop McCord M1 when I get bored and uncover the heat/lot number - 318A. Which raises a question - why does it have a front-sem manganese rim fitted to it? Even if was a reworked fixed loop, did they fit new rims on them? Cheers, Glen
  9. Listen to zsmith.... that's the rub of this helmet. How could this guy be in Normandy or even the ETO?
  10. The two stills I last posted are from HD footage. The guy simply isn't in focus enough - the camera is focussing on the German behind him.
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