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  1. So what the best avenue then for selling (or buying) these days !?! I bought many medals off ebay back in the early days. Asking for a friend....
  2. Huh...wonder where the pic of roster came from? Any ideas?
  3. I personally like a dust cover....I also like the matte option too...so I'll go with option #5. If a cover is too pricey then option #3.
  4. Beautiful medals !! I remember several selling in the early FJP auctions...one was a live auction at the OMSA convention in Chicago way back when. It might have been their first auction !?! That was a while ago....
  5. Excellent presentation and tribute to this gallant sailor. His sacrifice should be remembered. I agree with Kurt and Dave on the engraved medals. I have several posthumous WWII D-Day Navy medals and all are engraved, One is to a 6th Beach Battalion pharmacist's mate who was KIA aboard LCI-85.
  6. Fantastic and historic grouping Kurt !!!! Thanks for posting the story of this gallant soldier !!!
  7. I recognize the "hand" that engraved this medal...I've had other WWII USMC posthumous PHs engraved with the swooping R
  8. Beautiful grouping !! I take it the DSC is not the medal originally issued to this flier? I assume that DSC was numbered and attributable !?! I haven't read through all the previous threads.
  9. Beautiful medal to a gallant soldier...politicians...ugh...nuf said...
  10. I believe the PH was requested by the parents if I remember correctly...it's been awhile. I'll have to pull the IDPF because i think there's a copy of the mother's letter in the file.
  11. Beautiful and heart-rendering representation of a sailor's gallant sacrifice....thanks for showing !!!
  12. Beautiful and historic WWII Navy/USMC aviation groupings. I especially love the uniforms with the cuff patches !!!
  13. Will the FBI actually confiscate the medal? I was under the assumption that you could possess the medal but not buy/sell it. The exception being the HLP manufactured medals that "found" their way out of supply somehow/someway....these are considered un-issued medals.
  14. Incredibly historic and heroic gallantry grouping to one heckuva Naval aviator !!
  15. RIP Manny !! Damn...I was a regular at his shop Militaria and Varia for many, many years and loved visiting with him. He was quite the character and such a good guy. We enjoyed many a Chinese meal at his shop after the old Hillside shows. In the early days of the SOS, we always went out for Korean food too with a handful of fellas. Extremely knowledgeable especially on wings and patches, he will be sorely missed. This is a great loss to the collecting community and even more to a bunch of us old battle axes who had the privilege to have known him. Condolences to his son Andrew who I bel
  16. This is an early Vietnam posthumous Silver Star and Purple Heart pair. Here's a link to the full grouping: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/106701-posthumous-vietnam-army-silver-star-grouping/?hl=%2Bvietnam+%2Bsilver+%2Bstar
  17. I recognize the "hand" for this engraving having seen it many times. I think Kurt and Frank laid out an approximate overlapping time period for hand vs small machine vs large machine engraving in their OMSA Purple Heart article going way, way back when....guess I'm dating myself. Hand engraving was used throughout WWII.
  18. Two thumbs way up Dave !! I would guess the DSC number matches to the recipient as well although this is not always the case. Somewhat up your alley too given the Russia connection !! A very historic grouping !!
  19. An exceptional story and medal !!! Beautiful history Kurt !!
  20. vicjoy1945

    RIP Tom Lane

    Terrible news as I heard from Kurt just yesterday. Tom and I started collecting around the same time and always caught up with each other at our local shows here in Chicago. I started collecting uniforms but moved very quickly into Purple Hearts and medal groupings. Tom, Kurt, Frank and a handful of others all competed, shared, and thoroughly enjoyed all things about medals. The Shows of Shows was always a highlight because we could all get together in person and enjoy our finds. I haven't attended a show in many a year so I hadn't seen Tom in quite awhile. He was a great guy and will be
  21. Agreed !!! Ebay finally loosening up on medals !?! May have to test the waters !!!!
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