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  1. So what the best avenue then for selling (or buying) these days !?! I bought many medals off ebay back in the early days. Asking for a friend....
  2. Huh...wonder where the pic of roster came from? Any ideas?
  3. I personally like a dust cover....I also like the matte option too...so I'll go with option #5. If a cover is too pricey then option #3.
  4. Beautiful medals !! I remember several selling in the early FJP auctions...one was a live auction at the OMSA convention in Chicago way back when. It might have been their first auction !?! That was a while ago....
  5. Excellent presentation and tribute to this gallant sailor. His sacrifice should be remembered. I agree with Kurt and Dave on the engraved medals. I have several posthumous WWII D-Day Navy medals and all are engraved, One is to a 6th Beach Battalion pharmacist's mate who was KIA aboard LCI-85.
  6. Fantastic and historic grouping Kurt !!!! Thanks for posting the story of this gallant soldier !!!
  7. I recognize the "hand" that engraved this medal...I've had other WWII USMC posthumous PHs engraved with the swooping R
  8. Beautiful grouping !! I take it the DSC is not the medal originally issued to this flier? I assume that DSC was numbered and attributable !?! I haven't read through all the previous threads.
  9. Beautiful medal to a gallant soldier...politicians...ugh...nuf said...
  10. I believe the PH was requested by the parents if I remember correctly...it's been awhile. I'll have to pull the IDPF because i think there's a copy of the mother's letter in the file.
  11. Beautiful and heart-rendering representation of a sailor's gallant sacrifice....thanks for showing !!!
  12. Beautiful and historic WWII Navy/USMC aviation groupings. I especially love the uniforms with the cuff patches !!!
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