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    Mass. USA
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    Helmets!!!!....WWII Airborne, 50s era with markings airborne....WWII USMC helmets and tanker helmets!!....did I mention I like helmets!

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  1. This will be fun watching over the years!....mike
  2. Dang, that helmet netting is amazing!!.....mike
  3. Yeah definitely the same helmet, whats up?🤔....mike
  4. Pretty sneaky sneaking your awesome original pic mixed in with his poor copy helmet pics.....mike
  5. Thats a pretty cool souvenir👍🏻....mike
  6. Nice find..that hawley looks nice in that shell👍🏻....mike
  7. Now you gotta get Scott Eastwoods helmet👍🏻.....mike
  8. Nice looking salty usmc rig, cover looks like it might be a 53...did you buy it?...maybe its a ww2 slits in the flaps cover hopefully👍🏻....very nice honest set either way....mike
  9. I have one like this on a korean war vererans jump liner that made both jumps in korea and ive always thought of the two tone cups as 50s era....mike
  10. Nice late ww2 made but used post war M1C!...maybe the mystery word is battery?..-'as in artillery?....mike
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