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    I'm a young collector going on 11 Years of collecting in the US Militaria Collecting. I'm mainly focused on WWII Militaria. Formerly a Army JROTC Cadet, currently an EMT attending Firefighter/Paramedic School
  1. Hi Pat, I searched up the name of the BN and you hit it right on the nose. Attached is the picture I found. Thanks! Is there any history that goes with this Battalion? Dakota
  2. Stopped by an antique mall that's near me and was sorting through some DUIs trying to pick up some airborne ones. One that I wasn't sure of had the motto "Rendezvous With Destiny", which is the same as the 101st Airborne motto, but the DUI isn't the 101st AB DUI that I've attached to this post. I should've taken a picture of the DUI but I didn't. If someone posts a picture of the insignia in question I will definitely be able to identify it. Thanks for the help, D
  3. The DI above the nameplate is the Quartermaster Regimental Corps. Great Uniform! D
  4. Dakota

    WW2 SSI Display

    Great way to display SSIs! D
  5. Welcome from Canton. My dad's family is from the Bellaire and Martin's Ferry area. D
  6. Howdy from a fellow Ohioan in the NE! Dakota
  7. Wow that one went right over my head! Thanks BEAST, very glad I was able to get it! Thanks Bagman D
  8. I had the opportunity to get this photograph two weekends ago and jumped at it as I don't come across USMC-related items that much. I can't make out the first word but the rest is "I will see you soon" Thanks D
  9. From the looks of it its: Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Commendation w/ OLC, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award w/ OLC, Air Force Good Conduct Medal w/ 3 Silver or Bronze OLC, Army Good Conduct Medal w/ 3 or 4 Knots?, ?National Defense Service?, and then the Air Force Longevity Service ribbon that you pointed out originally. D
  10. A buddy of mine has one just like this. It's unmarked and I believe the blade is cut down and the mount is cut off aswell. Family story is that his Great-Grandfather cut it down and made it into his theater knife when he was overseas. D
  11. Didn't know that, thanks for the info. I tried to look it up but couldn't find any pictures, got any on hand? Thanks D Yeah I know what you mean, I'm still interested in trying to clean the patches up and preserve them as best as possible. Thanks D
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