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  1. The DIs he wearing are for the 22nd Coat Artillery Regement, Portsmouth New Hampshire Harbour Defense. It's rather complex lineage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/22nd_Coast_Artillery_(United_States)
  2. The late great Jamas Sawicki when he was a little Private in 1938, he was then an Artilleryman with the 6th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Division, Fort Hoyle Maryland, he later switched to Infantry, and fought as a officer in Italy with the 168th Infantry, 34th Red Bull Infantry Division, and in the Korean War in the 9th Infantry, 2nd Infantry Division.
  3. Allow me to share this from an old topic in te Unit Crests Forum. https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/192478-100th-signal-company-di/
  4. As everyone notices now after the huge format change, Photobucketed Images are now visible again, don't know why LOL, but you can view them, And as you see when you click link, no DIs are with this Grouping.
  5. patches

    Shoulder Cords

    Yet again we see the Blue Rope on a Vietnam era Medic, a highly decorated one, Micheal Ackerman, he was in one of the battalions of the 502nd Inf 101st Abn Div (Ambl) 1970-71 I guess. Ackerman passes unfortunately in 1990 when he's only 39.
  6. Not trying to deny what your saying, the question is how he would have these DIs in Europe in the Fall of 1945. One idea is these were replacements he got for his uniform well after the war. I say this because this unit, the 50th Signal Battalion was inactivated after WWII while still in Germany on occupation duty, in mid December 1945, however its reactivated in Japan in October 1951, after this date is when we should thing these NBI Co DIs were made, and made only in this style for a couple of years or so, as this type seen in this topic is an unauthorized locally approved one. In May 1954 the 50th Signal Battalion while still in Japan (It does not go over to serve in Korea) gets a duly authorized DI of its own, the one seen on the below.
  7. Very curious, this unit was not in the Pacific War, it was in Iceland then in England, then D-Day, these Japanese made DIs are indicative of Korean War era made even Vietnam Era, not 1945-46 occupation period.
  8. That symbolism always indicates service in Iceland, the Iceland Base Command, which indeed it was in the 50th Sig Bn, it went over there real early, January 1942 in fact. http://tothosewhoserved.org/usa/ts/usatss02/chapter04.html
  9. After a consultation with my undercover operative, he came to the conclusion this DI is for the 2nd Bombardment Group at Langley Field Virginia, and I concur.
  10. This one is probably the real deal, a British Helmet worn in Italy by the 12. Lancers, that's their regiment collar tab on the side, originally it was 12. Podolian Uhlan Regiment, and after being POWs of the Soviets they were released and went to Judea via Russia and Iran then on to Egypt, they later fought in Italy now called the 12th Armoured Cavalry Regiment. and later still. the 12th Podolian Rifles Regiment.
  11. With the remnants of glue and paper indicating it was once glued onto paper, probably in a binder alot of collectors used.
  12. Some more 3rd Division Gals, the gun they're observing is the Canon d'Infanterie de 37 modèle 1916 TRP (37mm mle.1916 or 37mm M1916 , HERE It was still used in the U.S. Army post war 20s-30s, there was a Platoon of 3 Guns of these in the Regular Army Regiment, in National Guard Division, a full Company, a Company maybe in the Reserve Divisions who's elements were actively drilling too.
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