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  1. This was something I didn't know, James Gleason, one of the actors in it, served twice in the Army, the first time in the Spanish American War, joined up when he was 16 in 1898 and was in the Philippines Campaign, he gets out in 1901, he Re Ups in the First World War, I guess sometime in 1917 and gets out I gather sometime in 1919, they don't say what he did in both periods unfortunately, like Infantry, or Artillery etc and no service portait is out there of him. Here he is in one of my favorite movies Arsenic and Old Lace. Lieutenant Rooney NYPD
  2. It was something that was a peculiarity, starting like in the late WWII period-Late 40s, Garrison Caps, Field Jackets and later Fatigues, Khaki Uniforms etc etc, even in my day they did this still, like at the Ft Hood Main PX in 80-81, they sold Class A Uniforms,commercial non governmental contract, these were not sharp looking in my opinion as they were polyester, talk about your Green Leisure Suit ( Green Leisure Suit was a derogatory term for the Army Green Class As in the 70s early 80s)
  3. EUREKA Here's you man. http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/rahyatt.htm
  4. Found one that was sold a long time ago, it is just like the 1963 McNamara Beanie. So as Steve said, civilian, or in this case a PX Type. That Yellow CERTIFIED stamp on the inside may be a stamp to show it is authorized or whatever for military wear.
  5. A White Painted Jeep of the MPs, Tokyo, 209th MP Company post war-late-sh 40s we should say.
  6. Yes that would make sense since the 29th Inf Bde (Sep) was federalized in May and was moved to Schofield, the 29th Inf Bde (Sep) will make good photos finds
  7. More, these are the Summer Drill Dates of these units for 1964, note that even though the reactivated 4th Mar Div was already forming up, these old 50s early 60s units are still active under there old numbers and titles.
  8. That's a great piece of Info Ozzle, we weren't aware that elements of the inactivated 6th Infantry Divisiojn at Campbell would of been retained, we assumed they were simply inactivated along with the division with its people transferred to other Infantry TO&E CONUS units, to wit, the 1st and 2nd Armored Divisions at Hood, the 5th Infantry Division at Carson, the 197th Infantry Brigade (Sep) at Benning and the 194th Armored Brigade (Sep) at Knox. We gather these battalions from Combat Arms Group were inactivated themselves in the Vietnam draw down, like in 69-70-71. Surprised St
  9. Good posting. Note in the one photo one of the GIs wears the M41 Field Jacket, this is the second time I seen a Cav Trooper wearing this old model jacket.
  10. Found a whole bunch, note the large number of Rile Companies,seems then they had both Infantry Battalions, and Rifle Companies, and at one point too, Special Infantry Companies, though I cant hazard a guess what the difference was between them all. All of these units were initially separate, but most apparently were incorporated into the reactivated 4th Marine Division when the division was initially established in 1962-63, it seems its in 1966 that the 4th Mar Div would be restructured to its normal numbered units and most of these units are simply disbanded and merged into the standard numbe
  11. Here's a topic with examples of manufacturer errors, there's a few more, and one big topic.
  12. First guess would be Pre WWII EM Dismounted Breeches, Cavalry Breeches have a reinforced seat. Breeches were still worn in the 20s and 30s with the dress uniform and with Puttees. B Company 16th Infantry, 1st Division parades at Fort Jay Governors Island, New York City, Spring of 1938, Breeches and Puttees, albeit in Khaki.
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