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  1. Can anyone help? Looking for clear photos or information confirming the correct markings for Vietnam era JP-4 Aviation Fuel barrels I've only found one photograph (see attached) looking at the picture this is what I think it says JP4 MIL SPEC xxxx FILL DATE 6/66 BATCH No 7 55 US GAL What do you all think? Also the marking looks applied on one side of the barrel top, just wondered why its not centered, photo does show there maybe some sort of other marking above JP-4 Your thoughts please Thanks
  2. He's a few pictures of my Howitzer being fired at a recent weekend show here in the UK Enjoy
  3. Fantastic, well worth all the effort and hard work, thanks for sharing
  4. Always great to look at these photos 7 months on and remember what a great show it was, roll on this years event
  5. Great looking find, you do find some great stuff out there
  6. Now that is a great find indeed, youve just got to get the Howitzer or M10 trailer to go in it now
  7. As firing the Howitzer at Events around England I'm looking for cleaning tools, rods, brushes etc etc or infact anything else that may be of interest, can anyone point me in the right direction. cleaning equipment is a must as the Black powder is very corrosive and I need to keep the barrel clean Thanks
  8. Yes I do get a few looks, especially when they meet me down some of the narrow roads near me, they learn how to back up rather quickly Thanks for the kind words guys
  9. Hi, I tow it around with this, gets a bit interesting driving it around some of the small roads. Never had any trouble with the police, lots of looking and then they just drive off. They may treat me different if I head into the heart of London with it???
  10. The Civil war re-enactors use between 10 - 20 grams of Black powder per shot in their cannons, I'm using between 1.5Kg - 2 Kg (3 lb - 4lb) per shot, a big difference but its worth it.
  11. Howitzer is untouched and exactly the same as the day it was made, no mods at all
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