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    i am interested in world war two and vietnam field gear, helmets, and edged weapons! Things on my wish list: 59 butt pack, a vietnam era MK2, 42 dated m1 carbine ammo pouch, and anything to do with SF from any time period.

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  1. Thank you so much guys this is great stuff. I have a couple nets but I’m trying to learn more and collect different examples. I know there are a lot of variances and some correlate with different time frames that they would of been worn. Earlier versions version manufacturers changes made later, woven vs knotted, etc I love the look of them all and think it would be a cool niche to learn a lot about and catalog them all. Maybe make a book that doesn’t exist yet? Who knows where I’ll go with it but I’m loving it
  2. My helmet is painted similar and so were a bunch of the guys in my unit. I’m not SF. Many many guys paint their ACH’s and it’s usually an individually done thing. None really match. The only common denominators usually is net and the type and color of spray paint.
  3. Any input is much appreciated
  4. I’m not sure I’m still learning about them. I don’t know how to distinguish between them. I know we wore British and Canadian nets a lot. I just don’t know what was most common or how to tell them apart. I see a lot about the different hole sizes and weaves etc.
  5. This year I have acquired a couple variations of helmet nets and now I’m as equally addicted to them as I am M1’s! im looking for as much info as I can gather on the different nets worn by US soldiers in ww2. I only found one good reference online and I used the search tool here and didn’t find what I was looking for. http://www.90thidpg.us/Research/Original/ShrimpNet/index.html if you have any book suggestions, websites, personal info you’d be whiling to share, and hopefully pictures from your personal collection Id love it all please! -Shawn
  6. We didnt wear class A/Bs until we graduated. We got our cross rifles pinned right into our chests while wearing camouflage blouse
  7. When I did Infantry osut at Benning we didnt get our crossed rifles until the basic portion of training was done but we never wore double us. Im not sure where this was. He enlisted in Boston Ma so maybe fort devins?? I have no idea and idk how it worked back then
  8. No we cant find any other info besides his service number. His enlistment date and his discharge 3 months later. Not sure what happened. It says he has no branch and this photo looks like he has two us collar discs.
  9. So weird. We can only find that my grandfather was in the Army for three months in 1944 and this picture he has this patch. His rank is listed as Private and no branch assigned. Hmm head scratcher
  10. Looking for information on the replacement and school command patch in ww2. Who wore this patch and what did they do? I recently found out my great grandfather was in the army in ww2 for a few months. Idk the whole story yet but the picture we found he is wearing this patch. I am curious about this unit and why hed be wearing this patch only having been in the Army a few months Thanks for any help
  11. I recently found a picture of my great grandfather in an army uniform with a replacement and school command patch on. I can find very little information on here with the search tool or google on who wore this patch or what exactly the replacement and school command did. He was only in the army for 3 months in 1944 and Im assuming was injured and discharged but Id like to know who he would of been assigned to at that time and what they would of done. Most likely state side
  12. Back Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and learning something new. Sorry for the pictures being horizontal. I cant figure it out. Uploading pictures here is such a pain lol. Thanks!
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