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    militaria and militaria and more militaria but especially the USN
  1. I live in Australia, I buy most of stuff from the States, can anyone suggest a really good shop that caters for the Nam era, takes paypal and are nice to deal with with, I need certian items I cant get here to complete Nam kits, appreciate the leads.
  2. Magnificent room you have there, I too am a fan of the Titanic, building a big model now, while ago I had some White Star Line Officers Cap Badges reproduced from an original, I wanted one so badly, only have one left, I am extremely envious of your room, beats my patch in the shed!
  3. Just Googled the launcher tube it is indeed an M127, were they a single use thing or reusable?
  4. Cant see any markings on the tubing though there is a smudge mark which could have been it, been rubbed off I think .
  5. Well done men, those black and whites are unreal, who would know?, keep it up.
  6. A spanking new unissued FN FAL SLR L1A1 Bayonet, manufactured by Lithgow here in OZ was still in the grease, I wiped the blade clean. Been after one of these for a while now.
  7. Decontamination Kit dated 10/1968, has been used as a survival kit contails a signal mirror and a saw blade wrapped in grease paper, what was the Decontamination kit used for?
  8. This is a mystery object, told it was a flare launcher, over to the experts!
  9. Coat Cold Weather man for the use of, issued condition but its nice no hole or tears
  10. Great stuff there young fella your off to a good start, lots of first aid stuff there, keep it up.
  11. Yes Sir that is the same with any dog tag, its a name but not just a name, its a man who gave it all up to serve and paid the ultimate price to defend his flag and country, that tag will live for a long time after they are all gone from this earth, its very important to remember them and this is indeed a fine way to do that, I am aware of the Bataan March they were so poorly treated. My tags are very special to me I will always keep them.
  12. What a great photo, says alot! gives you a very good idea just how cramped for space some aircraft could be, my Uncle was a WOP/AG in the RAAF though seconded to the RAF and flew in the Middle East in the medium bomber squadrons, he flew in the Martin Baltimore and was a rear gunner, Colin was 6 Foot tall and he eventually had to be transfered to other work as being so tall and cramped in the back of a Baltimore he ended up with a bad back, he then ended his time flying Air Sea Rescue in the Supermarine Walrus, I have alot of respect for all Airman, doing the job in those days under those conditions and with the losses of men and machines, they were truly brave souls.
  13. I deal with Garcia Aviation, they have a huge range of vintage survival bits and pieces plus a wide range of other things as well, I cant bang the drum for this Company enough, great bunch to deal with and super fast delivery.
  14. Now thats a Dog Tag collection!, I have about 20 tags now, excellent way to get them seen, thanks for the pic.
  15. The dreaded Aussie drop pack, the idea being when you made contact u pulled the tabs and of it fell allowing you to pursue your enemy, after the fight the packs were retrieved, bit smarter then your average bear we Aussies, also in this pic is a US hot box I find it makes a great cold box for beer when fishing, also some bits of 37 Pattern webbing
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