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  1. I've had a few of them over the years and this looks fine to me. I would judge it to be wartime or just slightly after.
  2. Nice grouping. You ought to be able to contact the "Chuting Stars" parachute team to gain info on your subject The Army PT keeps records of former members and I suspect the Navy does too.
  3. That is a great find. I knew a guy who was in the Ft Campbell sport parachute club back in 1960 and also had the same jumpsuit. When I was collecting, I tried like hell to get one of those patches but never was able to do so.
  4. Here is a group of four metal Sendai wings and one silk hand made para oval with wings direct embroidered, 3 of the metal wings are pinback and one has the pins ground off.One unique wing has "Johnnie" along the skirt of the parachute canopy. Very unusual.
  5. sold. Party jacket is definitely non regulation. Supposedly worn during drinking parties.
  6. I only wish I knew the origin of the sewing. It is a cool shirt with no damage.. Thanks for answers.
  7. here is photo #3 of the direct embroidered tigerstripe SF party jacket
  8. I picked this item up in a trade deal and would like opinions, All is direct embroidered insignia and name tapes Etc, No label or other markings. I appreciate any help. OK photo #3 wouldn't take. Being rather not sharp with this I will start another topic to add photo #3
  9. Caristo was a friend of a buddy of mine who was also a BDQ. The beret he is wearing is a BDQ beret and known as a "Cocks comb" style. Caristo has since died, 6-7 years ago my buddy was asking if I could pick up some field manuals around here to send to Caristo in South America. According to my friend, Caristo was a super trooper
  10. Others have hit the nail on the head. Uniform looks made up. Just my opinion
  11. I once knew a collector in NY who was lucky enough to obtain a valid set of these dyed black jungle fatigues. this was many years ago so memory is fading but as I recall, they just had a name tape with blood type sewn on. I also believe that Shelby Stanton who was a member of 46 Company contributed an article about this to either the Chute and Dagger, or the Viet Nam insignia collectors newsletter addressing these uniforms. With regards to the ranger tab being worn over the 46 Co beret flash, Stanton has published photos of his beret arranged this way. Don't know if this was just Stanton's
  12. Yes, a great patch indeed. I believe that back in the 70's the Canadian Airborne kit shop used to sell a patch along these lines but certainly not this beauty
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