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  1. . WWII Jeep blackout / convoy lamps . . . . . . . Regarding picking out details from photographs shown below are the component parts of the early Ford blue Louvre lamps seen in the early Ford GP production line photo, and the later style standardised ' Cats Eyes ' blackout ' convoy lamp used on both Willys and Ford Jeeps. The idea of both is to shield the light rays from aerial observations, the blue filter dulls the light, and the metal louvres angle the beam downwards. The idea of the later standardised ' Cats Eyes ' allows distancing between vehicle
  2. . pleased to see a collection of production line photo's both wartime and post war models . . . . . . back in the 1970's when we bought second-hand Jeeps most before ending their service life had at some time been through a repair and repaint facility and so almost everything had received a coat of green paint. Talking with British ex-soldiers who did this sort of operation they related that when they over-sprayed military vehicles ( Jeeps included ) they smeared grease over windscreens and glass lenses of light-fittings and then sprayed the entire vehicle and wiped off the
  3. . Hi David, apologies for the misunderstanding about my desire to see comparable quality WWII Jeep photos as the excellent detailed aircraft ones you posted. I have added our exchange of posts from the Jeep photo thread you have started in the vehicle section so that it can be seen that I wasn't criticising in any way your thread here in the aircraft section. cheers and thanks again for your aircraft and vehicle photo threads. lewis. .
  4. . Haahahhaaaa I wasn't actually lamenting that there were no Jeep photos in your excellent aircraft presentation. I WAS lamenting the fact that there are not any comparable Jeep photo's to be found anywhere of the superior detailed quality of the aircraft photos you posted. Given that there were over 650,000 of the WWII Iconic Jeep manufactured, there are only about the same two dozen production line photos that regularly show up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but thanks for getting this Jeep album of photo's started. cheers lewis.
  5. . Private Colour footage of Pearl Harbor 7th December 1941 . . . . . An interesting 15 minute video presentation by Martin K. A. Morgan, author & historian covering footage taken by Harold Oberg stationed at Hickam Field, Hawaii during December 1941. Harold and his wife Eda woke to the sounds of planes and bombs early Sunday morning 7th of December, Harold dressed and raced off to the airfield, Eda picked up their movie camera and tried to get some images of the attack. Harold returned later and took the camera back to the airfield and recorded some more footage of tha
  6. ' Hi P-59A. Fabulous photographs showing the stunning complexity of parts needed to build an aircraft. . . . . . . . Deeply jealous that there are not similar photographs showing WWII Jeeps being built. regards lewis. .
  7. . Hi Mikie, thanks for your comments on the photo's, sadly the previous Sundays views would have been much more stunning. Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, January 12 2021. .
  8. . Hi Johan, please say hello from me when you do meet up . . . . . . Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, January 12 2021. .
  9. . Hi Rene, how funny that you should post this advert image of transporting goats. Over the last few weeks I have been designing and making a couple of carriers to aid Jane in carrying new born lambs from the fields to the support pens inside a covered barn. These involve a wide belly band and shoulder strap so she can transport a lamb on either hip allowing the mother to both see the lambs and follow them to the support pens in the barn. The mothers won't generally follow if the lambs are carried in either a tractor box or on the rear of the John Deere Gator. Norman D. Land
  10. . More museum proposals . . . . . . . . . For a couple of years now there has been talk swirling around Carentan about the opening of a new facility to educate tourists and visitors about the events which happened in Normandy in 1944 and despite there already being two established museums in Carentan, these being the Victory museum on the Bayeux side of Carentan, and Deadman's corner museum on the Ste Mere Eglise side of Carentan. The talk is also of a large visitor hotel to be built to house visitors and tourists. There has been both support and disappointment at such pro
  11. . Click the link for the tragic story. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/10/us/Grenade-kills-Virginia-child.html?referringSource=articleShare sad story but a warning to others . . . . . . .
  12. . Hi Johan, yes and thanks you had mentioned this some time ago, does he still collect, does he still have those minty airborne pants I sold him. Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, January 11 2021. .
  13. . From a friend in Chicago today . . . . . . . . Teenager killed by WWII grenade bought at militaria store . https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/10/us/Grenade-kills-Virginia-child.html?referringSource=articleShare Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, January 11 2021. .
  14. . Hi Ian, I address the post to you as you started this topic but I know you no longer visit the forum . . . . . . . . . . sadly. I will screen grab this page and email to you to show you that topics you started in 2014 are still in use . . . . . . . . So after Saving Private Ryan hit the screens I would get calls enquiring after an ' M-41 ' ( re-enactor speak ), very often said was ' I don't want one of those green shade ones ', I want a tan one like on Saving Private Ryan, it was almost impossible to explain that original examples of the jackets started out as an
  15. . Hi, About twenty years ago Tom Gordon of ' Military Marketplace ' Bainbridge Georgia had several unissued crates of these coats they had full USMC nomenclature stencilled on the sides. When we pulled the nails out and inspected the coats we found that the coats had three layers as opposed to other versions we had seen of only two layers, i.e. the inner and outer layers. These USMC ones had the outside cotton material, the inner sheepskin liner and between the two was a waterproof layer of USMC camouflaged poncho material, so I would suggest to any owners of this style co
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