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  1. here is some pics from Owen (Kammo-man) of that shirt, almost definitely from the same lot, I wish I got there earlier ...
  2. Yes at Alameda, and I got the leftovers for sure, what else did you see that was badged up? as far as a photographers vest, I suppose it could be or a hunters vest but the rear large pockets are not accessible to the wearer which is odd for a hunter or photographer , also the blacked out snaps wouldn't be necessary to a photographer
  3. I think it was army , the stuff in there looked like regular army uniform bits , but I got there late and someone had cherry picked all the erdl and jungle pants out of the lot and left the low grade and ripped up junk , there was an erdl shirt that was beat up and it didnt have the marine pocket stamp or anything , I think I saw a short sleeve army tan dress shirt with rank on it but no shoulder insignia , it might have been ripped off and there were green enlisted dress uniform pants in there , so must have been army, but there was also some civilian socks and other junk in there
  4. just noticed the tape loop , only on the left hip side, all snaps but 2 are unmarked but the 2 say DOT, seems much of the hardware was scuffed up and painted black there is nylon squares inside the pockets to keep the snaps from pulling through lacing grommets are a mix of brass and chrome all overpainted , shoulder seams are glued or something , stitching is mostly green , flaps on back pockets are long and cover entire pocket or can be snapped higher to over load the pockets. this vest was in a nam era dufflebag with some erdl and cotton sateen and kaki clothing leftover items, none with
  5. picked this up today , it has been dyed black , tan or green stitching , some snaps and fittings have been painted black , laces on sides big pack pockets on back . mostly cotton with some nylon parts Anyone know what this is?
  6. Navy deck jacket of Warren "Fins" Foley, shot twice, silver star, first Navy wounded of Korean war UDT team 3 (first Korean war UDT team "the BIG 10")
  7. this is a 2.3 inch rocket that looks a lot like the M8 type from WWII as used on aircraft and the calliope type launcers but its much smaller I suppose it could be a bunch of odd parts stuck together but it seems to fit well, and it seems like it could be an indirect fired rocket all sections come apart the nose is a standard WWII bakelite mortar fuse, charge section below with a threaded ring at center and the rocket section with nozzle and 6 folding fins markings on the rocket section are faint in yellow paint and look like they say --- BUDD-2.3-T-39 and under that LOT ??
  8. hello I am trying to ID this ribbon with number 9 or 6 added to it, the orange in the center is just aged cello tape so the ribbon is pale yellow and light blue stripes beside the stripes are white and yellow woven checks this ribbon was included in a shadow box with English made 8th Airforce patches and wings and a 2nd airforce patch any info or leads much appreciated
  9. thanks for the info , so is this a training device? and for which vessel the sub or the ship dropping charges?
  10. Thanks for the quick reply, was that kind of tech available during WWII? the pouch seems to be mid war construction , what kind of vessel would have used such a thing?
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