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  1. Any body notice.The fuze on the blue practice grenade in the picture,is screwed in the bottom.
  2. Do a search on eBay.There are several people that sell the NOS replacement handles.
  3. The Japanese grenade is a Type 99 Kiska.
  4. That's impessive.Can't imagine many of those surviving all these years since WWII.Great find!!
  5. I saw a WWI fork or spoon once that was US stamped on the back.Maker and Date on the front.
  6. This is a link to the auction which has now ended. https://www.ebay.com/itm/World-War-2-Reproduction-Hand-Grenades-/223848887725?nma=true&si=RjbzoLwFaMMSg8%252BQEFR8OELLf%252BY%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  7. Do any of you know if anyone is making WWII repro M41 genade canisters?I ran across these listed as repro grenades.It's obvious they are,but look at the canisters.They look original.The price would be worth it if these are original.
  8. From the gunshow today.All marked R except the two ringless firing pins and the two sleeves on the upper right,they are Smith's.The sleeves were $3 each,the handguard rings and the firing pins were $1 each.Don't really need them,but the prices were good.Anybody know about the two smooth firing pins?
  9. Picked this up yesterday.It's in usable condition.The only odd thing about it is,the stamped makings are raised for some reason.The FJA,BAWL and the Circle P are raised slightly instead of stamped in.I know this isn't the way they were originally,but what would cause this?There is also a 21 stamped in on the right side of the stock.
  10. Thanks,opus5150.I think you are correct,looks like a B instead of an R.
  11. I have a Remington 03A3 in a Smith Corona stock that was rebuilt at Raritan arsenal.The ordnance wheel is overstamped RA-W.Anybody here know who inspector W was and what time period he was at Raritan?I've read that inspector P(I think Peterson)was from 1943-1946.
  12. I thought Smith stocks were round cut for the band spring.This one appears square cut like a Remington.
  13. I bought a repro spoon once.It looked a lot like this spoon.Same color metal.I think it's a repro.
  14. I have three of the wing stoves marked USMC and dated.Two I bought from Hayes Otoupalik.I have also seen pictures of some that had four wings intead of three.
  15. I never knew U.S. soldiers wore their ribbons and CIB's on their battle fatigues.Was this done because of a special occasion,such as Eisenhower reviewing a unit?These are soldiers of the 29th Infantry Division.Notice,two have their CIB below the ribbons,one has his CIB above the ribbons.Which position would be correct?
  16. Interesting.Looks like it has a smoke or chemical grenade spoon on it.And the fuze is a cut back.
  17. I've seen,over the years,several M1910 picks with only "U S E D" stamped on the side of the pick itself.What does this stand for?Is it United States Engineer Department?Anybody know?
  18. Very nice.The green substance was a sealer.
  19. I've been looking at this spoon under magnification.It reads FUZE MZ00A?.This would normally mean that it isn't correct for this grenade,however the spoon has the same over painted green as the grenade.I did some searching(on this sight) and found some pictures of M200AI fuzes that were (Ink)overstamped M10A3.That makes sense in that when this fuze was painted over,the ink wouldn't show through,but the letters stamped in the metal would.Therefore I believe this fuze was a modified M200 series changed to an ink stamped M10 series and correct for this grenade.What do you all think? The
  20. Picked this up this morning at a Civil War and Antique Arms Show in Richmond Virginia.The seller wanted $90,but I got it for $80.Remnants of green paint over yellow.Some markings showing thru the paint on the fuze,but can't tell which fuze it is.How much does the 1/4 inch hole,drilled in the bottom,hurt the value?
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