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  1. By the by, you don't "win" the Medal of Honor. It's not a Cracker Jack prize. Mark sends
  2. Just doing a random search on eBay I stumbled on to this Cinci Home Guard blouse...now to find the breast badger....and of course it's going to need some cleaning to look sexy again. Note the Company letter on the collar; K Company was part of the Third Battalion. I found a nice source doco that gives a detailed history of the CHG and where each Company was based. Mark sends
  3. As i recall, we started wearing them in 1990 after McPeak became the worst Chief of Staff the Air Force has ever had. Mark sends
  4. You realize that by getting the ONE free set the government allows, you've prevented any other family members from requesting them right? Mark sends
  5. Surprisingly I was still under weight when we PCS'ed to Ohio. If I ever get around to it is to build the lower section from plywood, cover that with a light cement coat and put the original piece on top and install it in the Museum....just gotta requisition some motivation first....
  6. When I went to the Hurtgenwald in 1993 (I was stationed in Germany from 1989 to 1998), I found a ton of these in a farmers field. If you look closely, you can see that they were poured in layers - not as one single "tooth". I found one where the very top portion had separated over time. I thought to myself, "Self, how heavy can that one piece be?" So I schlepped it about 100 yards to my car, and it weighed a ton. As I moved around the world and back to Ohio, I've kept that piece the entire time, just because it was such a task to carry it. It's still in great shape - apparently they made really, really good cement back in the day. There's also some good teeth and bunkers down around Pirmasens (I think that's where they were)...one large bunker has been preserved and turned into a museum. Mark sends
  7. Here's a link to a uniform I posted late last year...where a Cavalry officer was awarded the Air Medal...the thread includes his Air Medal citation.... http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/331176-cavalry-officer-group-with-some-interesting-history/?hl=davis Mark sends
  8. Replacing her insignia will be a little pricey, but the uniform was the right price! Mark sends
  9. I just posted some USAF Colonels uniforms and medals we received from the Base Thrift store in the Groupings section. This is the uniform she thought was from the Air Force Academy, but when I got it out, I could see that the color wasn't "Academy Blue", which is more of a Coast Guard Blue color. The cuff braid is obviously for a G.O....and there are only three women in the Air Force who've been promoted to O-10, and two of those have been at Wright-Patterson. The outlines of her stars are on the epaulets, and based on the frog impressions inside the jacket (and there are single loops of white thread to mark where the pins go), it would only be the uniform of the last female O-10 to command Air Force Materiel Command, General Ellen M. Pawlikowsi: Mark sends
  10. ...and some ribbons and minis..although the mini- for his LOM isn't in any of the bags....dang it. Mark sends
  11. ..and one of the ribbon racks. And of course, NONE of the items are named, so I've been looking through local obituaries. That's going to be a daunting task as Wright-Patterson, as a MAJCOM Headquarters, is a Colonel-rich environment.
  12. Over the years, we've developed a good relationship with the Base Thrift Store - mainly when they call with a family who's trying to find a uniform for their loved one's funeral (which we've always been able to provide). Consequently, when they get unusual or obsolete uniforms, they give us a call (although the Air Force Museum gets first right of refusal, which they almost always do, thankfully). Last week they called saying they had a bag of uniforms, including an Air Force Academy uniform (which will be a separate post). In the garbage bag were a couple late 60's / early 70's USAF enlisted uniforms to a TSgt...and a set of three uniforms for a Bird Colonel. There's a McConnel pattern blouse, and these two dress uniforms. What's nice is that there are BAGS of insignia with them...spare ribbons, buttons, all his ranks from 2Lt to Colonel, mini-medals and tons of basic, senior and master pilot wings - ALL sterling or silver filled. The pictures are only a portion because there was just so much material. Each uniform is complete with blouse, pants, belts, hats and ties...the only thing missing are the white shoes (and I have a couple pair of those). Mark sends
  13. They look like the Linesman gloves were issued in Air Force Combat Comm in the 1990s... Mark sends
  14. At the end of the war, soldiers were allowed to retain their helmets and gas masks as momentos of their service. If the didn't keep them at discharge, they could write the Army and get a second set issued to them. Mark sends
  15. I've already gotten copies of all the GO's I asked for, with the exception of the DFC...but since the GO gave me his unit, I was able to cross reference that with the 8th Air Force Museum to discover he was a co-pilot who flew 35 missions between 1943-1944 - including two on D-Day, as well as the names of the planes he flew. Obviously his DFC was his tour completion decoration. Mark sends
  16. I have to ponder if Ol' Blood and Guts would appreciate being the B-side for a pin up?
  17. When you open the class book, this is what greets you....
  18. Painted wallet...note the heart shaped cut out to put a picture of his sweet baboo.
  19. Found these ribbon bars in the bottom of the box, along with a leather wallet I'll post momentarily.....
  20. There's a bunch of silk embroidered and painted hankies and scarves
  21. Alright...how's about the shell casings...these have trees engraved on them....
  22. Late last week a gent dropped off his father's artifacts. The donor served in the Navy (like his father before him) during Vietnam aboard USS Sumter (he was a plank owner). His father was a plank owner aboard USS Dayton in WWII, as demobbed in 1945, then reentered the Navy in 1950 and was a plank owner aboard USS Los Angeles. I'll post a few photos from this group, but it's pretty sizeable - no uniform though. The majority are souvenirs he sent home, as well as dozens of photos he took aboard ship in Korea. He was a Gunner's Mate on a quad-40mm gun tub in Korea. Here's probably the neatest piece of the group. matching trench art lamps made from 40mm shells mounted on 5inch MKV shell bases. I haven't tried them but am pretty confident they'll work...while the metal is dark, the cords are supple and unfrayed. Mark sends
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