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  1. ...or here: http://www.hullnumber.com/crew1.php?cm=SSBN-623
  2. Search for the boat's association...they probably have held reunions, and they almost always have a roster of people and they're addresses - including widows, as well as a newsletter...I've found a lot of people that way. Mark sends
  3. There's also a frame of Ladies Auxiliary badgers that should be coming somewhere down the line.
  4. ...and a little art deco from 1931. This is maybe the size of a silver half dollar (?).
  5. ..and a few random samples..I also really like the badges that use the WWI Victory Medal ribbon....
  6. The earliest two are from Canton (1927) and Akron (1929)...I really like the Akron badge with it's itty-bitty Doughboy helmet.
  7. The Dayton medal from 1935 is really faded...the ribbon was originally dark blue....
  8. Backboard out of the frame, dusted and the loose medals re-attached...
  9. The frame needs some TLC as a couple of the medals have come loose, and it's very dusty.
  10. We were please to receive an instant collection of American Legion convention badges - a total of 64 that are a mix of Department of Ohio and National conventions. They were amassed by Private Orr Perry (1896-1989) who served with D battery, 72nd Field Artillery Regiment, 24th Artillery Brigade, 11th Division in 1918-1919. The 11th Division's lead element had already sailed for France when the Armistice was signed, and the rest of the Division was demobilized except for those elements assigned to the Regular Army. The earliest badge dates from 1927 and the latest from 1977. Our tha
  11. I've been on a quest for a Cincinnati Home Guard badger since getting a uniform several months ago. Having no luck here, eBay or any local antique malls, as a long shot I contacted the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum to see if they had an extra one they could transfer to us, and their curator and his lovely bride drove up today with one. A few weeks ago I did find the service medal awarded to the Home Guard members in 1921, although it's been re-ribboned. Mark sends
  12. As we're located near Patterson Field (now Wright-Patterson) if you ever get tired of this, let me know! Mark sends
  13. Thanks...wish Colt didn't want so much for their letters...would love to know who the Commando was sent to, if anyone....the donor said it was in cosmo when he got it. Mark sends
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