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  1. I believe oakleaves were worn on the National Defense Service Medal in the 1960s. Mark sends
  2. ..and an original Certificate of Service to replace his lost discharge papers....
  3. I don't believe Bill still has his interment flag or Columbia Accolade; this photo was from the reverse of his book...
  4. Private Stamas wrote a book about his WWI service, which was published a year after his death.
  5. If I recall correctly, the initial 1932 BB&B contract ended about 39XXX; since this is only 4,000 or so numbers off, I assume it was made in 1933/1934???
  6. The medals out of the case; the Purple Heart is an early split wrap brooch.
  7. Bill with his stepfather's medals; Bill is also a Veteran, having served in the Army between WWII and the Korean War as an armored crewman. Bill's father died of a heart attack when he was very young, leaving his mother to fend for herself and three children. Falling on hard times, they moved to Ohio, where his mother took up clothes cleaning. One of Christ's friends saw her and told him to introduce himself and the rest was history. Bill says his stepfather was a kind and loving father to all of them in spite of the terrible things he witnessed in the war.
  8. This photo is from the 1940s, probably before a parade - note the Purple Heart and World War I Victory Medal on his left breast.
  9. Private Christ K. Stamas, 1918. His family immigrated to the U.S. from Greece in 1907, and he received his naturalization papers the day after receiving his draft notice. He was assigned to Company L, 357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Division in France. He was gassed on October 2nd, 1918. After the war, he relocated from Minnesota to Dayton Ohio. He was a member of the Disabled American Veterans, the Hellenic Post of the American Legion in Dayton. He died in November 1956.
  10. We've received something nearly every day this week - WWI infantry manual, WWII Marine uniform, B-52 Co-pilot's steering yoke and AGM-28 Bulldog wind tunnel model, a grouping to a 28 year- Army CW4 and a $500 donation (I told my lovely Bride that because of all this good luck, something horrible must be looming on the horizon...now I'm sure of it). Late today we received a call from a man who was concerned about what would happen to his stepfather's Purple Heart when he's gone and wanted to donate it to us.
  11. The fact that there are no campaign stars on the SWASM and no Kuwait KLM, it looks like they got out right after the war...the SWASM must be worn with at least one star, but I can't recall when the three campaigns were named. The Kuwait KLM didn't come out for months after the Saudi version. Mark sends
  12. I have a similar tile given to a Sergeant who was in Japan waiting to go to Korea in 1950/1951..he was also given a small booklet to go with it. Mark sends
  13. OK, now that's cool! Mark sends
  14. He carried this diver's knife when flying drug interdiction missions in South America and an unissued Camillus survival knife manufactured in 1983, complete with the often-missing sharpening stone. Looking forward to see what else he has in his attic! Mark sends
  15. Michael also included two pairs of flyer's gloves...one is unworn and the other shows extensive use. One of his flight suits - the insignia will be forthcoming, as well as some of his Army uniforms.
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