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  1. HI good day , hope this mail finds you safe and sound , just a short notice to advise Allen Bevin is back to Italy ,where is well cared for. All the best . Bob

  2. This is a very nice M1899D Savage rifle that in 1915 was purchased by the Montreal Trust Company in Canada for Home Guard duty for their employees to defend against an invasion of the Germans that never came. Out of approximately 2000 Savage Muskets ordered, only 827 were shipped. All were numbered on the butt plate. After the war, the greater majority of these rifles were converted to hunting rifles by an outfitter in Canada. This is one such rifle and is very rare in its' own right. The few non converted rifles in their "as ordered configuration" sell in the $9000 to $12,000 range. This
  3. Thanks for the obit Beast! - It all makes sense, eco. the Connecticut connection. That's where I'm living and found it minutes from my house!! Forgot one image
  4. Again, those that know me know that WW2 is not my expertise. That being said, I know what strikes my attention. I never have seen this sleeve cuff designation. Great name in 3 places with laundry tag no. looks like there were Airborne wings above the ribbon bar at one time. What say you??
  5. #2 more neat stuff--I'll post more if anyone wants to see D
  6. I am trying to correctly assemble this medal grouping for the daughter of this veteran to help her memorialize her father. She was referred to be by the frame shop that did all my work for the Belleauwood museum a few years ago. Those that my remember me, know that WW2 was not my field of expertise. This is a hell of a great group. Has all his citation letters, combat images with notations, wings, badges, letters home, on and on. 12th AF SSI is KILLER!......Squadron patch glued to scrapbook is perfect. So...... reaching out to you guys for help. Should he have a good conduct? Wou
  7. Thanks for the info guys! I knew if I looked enough in my old collection archives, I could find my answer. I had an trunk group with the uniform and several loose SSI............ 23rd Inf. , 2nd Division. .....Seldom encountered, but not over-the top rare. My group that I had was a 3rd Battalion guy. Thanks Again, Dennis
  8. I purchased some items yesterday from a guy who does clean outs up here. It's been a LONG time since I knew most of the SSI and variants of the 2nd Div. I think this is a 9th or 23rd infantry regiment variation. Absolutely legit...It came with a 9th inf. Columbia wound doc, but this guy piles this stuff in a box, not caring for any of the history. Thx in advance , Dennis
  9. From a shed clean-out in Lyme, CT. Removed from garbage bags destined for the landfill. The clothing was not saved because they were wet........ FRUSTRATING!!! WW2 is not my field, but due to the rare nature of this man/award...............I had to get it!! William S. Knudsen From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia William Knudsen Born March 25, 1879 Copenhagen, Denmark Died April 27, 1948 (aged 69) Detroit, Michigan, United States Allegiance United States Service/branch United States Army Years of service 1942–1945
  10. It's been forever since I have looked at the Forum and I sure have missed being here!.... As you folks know, I love my Marines and Flyers of WW1. As of yesterday, the archive of Nate Lufkin is complete!! I was contacted by the grandson and the caretaker of Nate's medals, and was told he was sending them on to me. When his family visited my museum to see their grandfather's (great grandfather's) display, they had brought the medals to show me. They told me that they weren't quite ready to let them go, but if they did, they would let me know. It has been a journey of many years and a ton of work
  11. 4 ------I'm having trouble with posting these images, so I'll quit. Lot's of good stuff....Photos of the doughboy......named in booklet, etc.
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