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  1. doyler

    M7 Priest

    Thats NEAT......Very nice. Great work. I found this the other day.... had a rough life.
  2. I like them as originals Looks like a little corrosion on the frame. Lenses AO marked it appears? Honest wear to the strap hooks. I know Banaire made a real nice repro cushion in the 80s and 90s. Much like the originals but the chamois is a darker color. I use to rebuild the originals and only kept one cushion I have on a set of goggles. I wish Banaire was still in business as the cusions offered now are junk from ebay. They have a waxy look to them and surprised someone in the molding business cant revreate a better cushion.
  3. Just wear sun block or dance between the shade trees 😎 safety first.
  4. Agree..less is best. It survived this long with no special care and now it will be better taken care of.
  5. Here is info I found on a quick search after commenting Black Leather Combat Boots (olive-drab.com) http://olive-drab.com/od_soldiers_clothing_black_combat_boots.php
  6. Are you thinking of the McNamara boots? those came out around 1962. They were all black leather with full sole and squared heel like the Brown combat M48 the issue boots had 9 eyelets I recall. Keep in mnd there also were compaies that produced various boots that could be purchaced Carolina, Mason, Red Wing etc. and could be worn as well. I had a couple pair as a kid in the 70s from Carolina that were "jump boots" but had the full sole and style of the M48 boot.
  7. Marking on your Helmet is for Italian Infantry... Post war used by Italy. Not really common to find.
  8. I agree..I have posted a KW era medic helmet from a AF vet. Mine I recall had a similar residue on the from from tape.
  9. There is already legislation in place for ammunition at state levels. NJ and CA come to mind. I have also said for years if they cant ban something they will tax it or regulate it to the point most will not bother to reload,shoot or buy ammo or components. I recall in NJ you need a permit to buy handgun ammo but not a rifle, shotgun, blank gun, flare gun, nail gun, paint ball gun, or air gun. Several types of ammo like armor piercing /body armor penetrating are strictly prohibited (illegal to possess) unless the person is Law Enforcement or Military on active duty or traveling for
  10. This happens pretty much each election and you think people would buy when its available before the "panic" hoarders vacuum it off the shelves. We had shops here last year that had bricks of 22 for 12.99-14.99 most handgun ammo was no issue. Shows had it as well. there was a bit if a run when the virus initailly took hold. Most handgun and shotgun ammo was selling quickly but bounced back.... it will again. I have always said if the sh*i*t hits the fan anno will be worth more than money. For the most part the dealers here have ammo on order but its bogged down as the distributors are having ha
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