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  1. FN Belgian made with cone hammer.No external extractor.Not slotted. These were not surplus Inglis. From what I understand the pistols were purchased by the CIA from the Belgian govt and then channeled to SOG. This was posted on a page..
  2. Nice group. THe letter code (cag) for the maker I believe is Swarowski, D., Glasfabrik u. Tyrolit, Wattens, Tyrol, Austria. Didnt these binoculars just sell on ebay? The Sand tan or tan yellow-Dunkel Gelb which was a Standard German RAL number paint but could vary in color.I read some place by 1943 the tanks and vehicles for the most part were all this color and then were painted in the added camoflage colors(reds,greens,browns etc)
  3. Another solution other than oil is Renaissance Wax. Its used on all types of materials and creates a barrier and no issue of oil transfer to other surfaces. It can be orfered on line and is a little spendy but they say it goes a long way when used. It lasts longer than oil and can be over coated.Even if you use a neutral shoe polish on the handle the Ren Wax can be applied over it.There are lots of articles and topics on line as well. Its ideal and widely used in museums and other conservation institutions. Being able to use it on a wide variety of surfaces and materials is a plus
  4. Very nice. The holster for the Radom is typical of the type made for a captured pistol. Many were found with out holsters or replaced with one.The shoulder holster was a popular option.Many were made by a local craftsman from materials available.I call them cigarette holsters as I have been told by many vets they got this or that made for a pack or two of cigarettes.I have a small collection of the holsters.I had a friend talk me out of a Radom holster that was converted into a shopulder holster.The flap was cit off and a shoulder strap was added.The strap was actually a cut down
  5. Its a standard WW2 AAF officers wing and prop collar insignia. You will also see a aviation cadet wear these on a Overseas cap on the left side as well
  6. doyler

    WW2 uniform

    There is 41 hits for that number on the enlistment site. You may be able to get a closer match if the uniform was sourced close to any of the names shown. http://wwii-enlistment.com/search/?q=L5312&select=laundryNumber&quick-search=1
  7. Recently picked up a small group of items and this cap with the off red piping was included with a post war 1948 dated ike from the 2nd Armored division.There is a german made HELL ON WHEELS tab on the ike and also artillery brass. On the cap is a DI from the 78th Field Artillery. THe piping is not the typical dark red we see on the Artillery branch caps. Its hard to see in the picture (as well in hand) but there may be dull yellow flecks woven in with the main color. In the past there has been caps with a more pink hue to the piping than red. This seems to follow that as the color is the sam
  8. doyler

    HBT Cap

    Looks like the early short brim Army pattern. You will see some worn by the USMC as well as the USMC didn't have a hbt cover until the 1944 pattern. The Army pattern has a seam in the front panel and shorter brim. The 44 pattern USMC lacks the center seam (where the ega is stenciled) and had the longer brim. There is still lacking documentation if the USMC had contracted any of the short brim caps or just procured them from the Army. Typically the short brim caps have the Army pattern hbt weave but there have been examples of short brim caps in the USMC weave I recall.
  9. Im looking at this from another view... USMF should not be an "appraisal" forum period. From reading this advice and opinions have been given and all are well done but no one here is a certified appraiser. The item isnt in hand to view. Seems there are plenty of places to seek professional appraisals which most large or well established auction house can do. Also anybody who can find USMF can go to ebay and look like every one else does to throw prices around. With Worth Point and other sites there are better places to have appraisals done. As stated it is more common than not that
  10. Your 89th with blue center looks to be the 178th Inf Regt. light blue is attributed to the 177th and Dark blue to the 178 Here is more info on colors in a shoulder patch topic.
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